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crochet work in progress: bags and cases


we are already halfway through the week and it is time to show the projects i’m working on the last few days. hope you like to take a look at the photos 🙂


the yarn i crochet with is “scheepjes stonewashed XL”, a mix of 70% cotton with 30% acrylic. scheepjes is a dutch label and the yarn is beautiful. i’m using crochet hook 5.0 mm and work pretty tight because i want to make a firm fabric which will keep the bags in better shape while carry more weight.



projects in the works crochet bags and cases




different colors 

the black with yellow stripes, will be a fold-over bag, one of the two small cases i like to use as a makeup bag and/or to hold other smaller things i always carry around with me.  the mesh bag i want to keep pretty small, because i – also – want to put it in the fold-over bag for unexpected buys so i can avoid plastics.



the two cases that you see on the pictures are for a crocheter who has hooked before, easy to make. if you like to have some explanations how to make them please write me a comment. i am not talking about a pattern or tutorial, just the explanations. you can write a comment below until 45 days after today 🙂




this was it for today, i love to join ginny’s yarn along at small things !


until next time!








work in progress green, yellow and blue

how are you? of course i hope it goes very well with you!


today i like to show what projects i’ve been working on the past few days.

maybe you can remember the green pouf? i worked on the edge but i was distracted by the look of the ribbing…

wip edge of green pouf


… and then started making ribbing with the same type of yarn, but in a lemon yellow color.

the yellow ribbing (1 fpdc, 1 dc, 1 fpdc, 1 dc) became the bottom of this bag, which is not yet finished. would you carry a yellow bag around or is it a no-thanks-not-for-my-bag-color for you? 🙂

wip yellow shopper by elisabeth andrée


a short while ago i had finished this bag, for which i only have to make a liner. although i am not using/wearing blue very often, i do love the look of this bag and how it feels and i like to keep it for myself.

blue and green bag by elisabeth andrée


the past few days were sunny and warm, i enjoyed that, but crocheting got a little slower and therefore the pouf is waiting for the last rows of crochet stitches.


hope you will enjoy today and the rest of the week.

until next time!


UPDATE: joining tamis ami’s WIP wednesday, hope you will take a look!


crochet projects

short time ago i told you that i did not previously work on so many crochet projects
at the same time as the last few weeks.

i made ​​a list and and this is a summary:


i’m enjoying myself with my yarn and crochet hooks and you?
see more creative projects via these links:
have a lovely day!
crochet projects by elisabeth andrée

on this photo you see the pink pouf, 3 bags including the secret project and the blanket with the blue diamonds.


black bag with brown edge and handles

finally after many months my bag is ready. well ready ….. i do not want to line it, but actually it is really necessary to do.


the bag has a square bottom and for the handles i made tunnels. to close the bag, i have created two button closures. when the bag is full of goodies, then it is possible to unfold the first closure and then an additional buttonhole can be used (see photos below).

if I’m honest, i like the bag but it is not really my thing, for me that is one reason to make another bag… some day. maybe with this bag i can make someone else happy.

here are some pictures for you to look at, unfortunately the brown color does not look very well on the photos.

have a great weekend!


WIP – bag and scarf



here you see two of my WIP crochet projects. 
a shoulder bag

made of black and taupe acrylic yarn with a touch of mercerized cotton in the same shade. i just need to sew the tunnels and two buttons and crochet a closure. i don’t think i will line the bag.

sorry for the unclear pictures.
the crochet strings-knot-necklace 
(see here) in a somewhat warmer version, so it is more a scarf or cowl. i only have two pieces to attach to the strings and then it is ready. the strings together are too thick to make a knot (it would give a big knot just below my chin, which would cause funny scenes when eating tomato soup for example) but i’ve thought of something else.
that i’ll show you next time.