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baby blanket pattern


the baby blanket is finished and it has become a very soft one and i hope that it meets the requirements: modern, baby blue and boyish.

baby blanket by elisabeth andrée


my blanket is elongated and measures about 97 cm from side to side and from top to bottom 68 cm, but you can adjust this pattern to any size you like.


used stitches (american terms):

ch = chains 

ss = slip stitches

h dc = half double crochets

dc = double crochets

2 dc tog = two double crochets together


used materials: 

6 balls of phildar cabotine azur (pale blue)

1 ball of phildar cabotine ecume (soft gray)

crochet hook size 4.5 mm


how to make

baby blanket stitch pattern

with main color: crochet chains as many to give you the length/width you desire for the blanket. for sure, crochet some extra chains, your don’t need to count, if you have to many chains you can detach them, cut and/or weave in the yarn end.


row 1.

make 1 dc into the 5th chain from hook and into the next 13 chains (15dc). *make 1 ch, skip 1 ch, crochet 1 dc into the next 15 chains (15 dc).* 

repeat between * and * until end of row, 2 ch, turn.


row 2.

1 dc into the next 14 dc, *1 ch, skip 1 ch-space, 1 dc into the next 15 dc*, repeat between * and * until end of row, 2ch, turn.

row 3 – 9.

repeat row 2. 

but end row 9 with 4 ch instead of 2 ch, turn.


row 10.

skip 1 dc, make 1 dc into next stitch, *1 ch, skip 1 stitch, 1 dc into next stitch*, repeat between * and * until end of row, 2 ch, turn.


next 9 rows. repeat row 2.

row 20. repeat row 10.


follow this pattern until your blanket has the size you want, the last row is a repeat of row 2. 


don’t fasten off.

you’re now crocheting a row all around the blanket. 

with right side facing, make 4 ch, skip 1 dc, make 1 dc in top of next stitch, *1 ch, skip next stitch, make 1 dc into top of next stitch*, repeat between * and * until the next corner, **make 4 ch, make 1 dc into same stitch as last dc**. repeat between * and * between the next corners and repeat between ** and ** for the successive corners, end with 4 ch and slip stitch into the top of the starting chains.

fasten off.



with a second color you are going to crochet three rows onto top and bottom of the blanket.

babyblanket edge


a. attach second color to the top of a corner at the front and make 4 ch, skip 1 stitch and make 1 dc into the next stitch, repeat row 2 three times. 

don’t fasten off.


b. on the front at the side of the blanket, (work loosely), 1 ch, make 1 h dc in the first space, crochet 2 dc tog in this and the next space, crochet 2 dc tog in the 2 next spaces and repeat this almost until the end of row, cut yarn with a length that is sufficient to finish the row.


repeat a. at the bottom of your blanket and finish b. end with 1 h dc into the same space as the last 2 dc tog.


c. repeat b. at the other side of your blanket but now you can work from start to finish.


you can add one or two rows of slip stitches around the blanket. i did that along the top and bottom, but not along the sides.

enjoy making your own blanket!



30 thoughts on “baby blanket pattern

  1. I would like to make this blanket with a crochet but how can I get the pattern ? I can’t get it with my “imprimante”, there is no possibility to imprimt.
    Thanks for your help! iI am looking forward to start crocheting this beautiful blanket.

    • Hello Marie-Agnès,
      Thanks for your visit and question, I am not sure I understand what you mean?
      You can read the pattern on your computer, tablet or laptop. If you like to print the pages you can press simultaneously ctrl + p (Microsoft) or cmd + p (Apple) and print (only) the pages you like to have.
      Thanks again!

  2. Thank you very much, very nice Blankets.
    Can you please send how make its by video.
    Thank you

  3. Hi Elisabeth
    Love this pattern. I help a group of women with crochet in my church and would like to know if this pattern could somehow be made with a cross in the middle so it can be used as a christening blanket. I don’t know how to adjust this and could use your help. I love your work hope you can help

    • Hello Lorraine,
      Thank you for visiting my blog and your question about the baby blanket.
      Adapting a pattern you best work out on paper for the dimensions. If you like to make a cross in the middle of the blanket you could, for example, crochet one or two 1-chain spaces vertically and horizontally in the middle of the blanket. For the rest of the blanket you could make only double crochets and skip the 1-chain spaces. That’s not too complicated I think and anyone can make her blanket as large or as small as desired.
      Hope this helps. Success!

  4. Hi Elizabeth,

    I absolutely love this blanket, and the bedspread linked to it via your weekly digest posts. The only problem is that you haven’t stated what yarn you have used for either pattern, the colours yes but not the brand. I really love the way the colours blend together in your bedspread. Please, please let me know so I can get started, it may be finished by next Christmas then lol 🙂

    Also, as a fairly newcomer to crochet, I have managed most of the major stitches now but, I haven’t heard of reverse single crochet, do you happen to have a tutorial for this stitch please.

    Thank you for supplying us with so many beautiful projects and so much inspiration,

    With warmest greetings from across the pond

    Louise x

    • Hello Louise,

      Thanks for your visit and your comment.

      Regarding the yarn: you can use almost any material for the stitch pattern but for the baby blanket, look at ‘used materials’ in the text above to see what yarn en crochet hook size I used.

      For the bedspread for my mother, I used acrylic yarn that is available here in the Netherlands and Belgium.
      You can use an acrylic or woollen yarn that you like yourself with a matching crochet hook size or slightly larger.

      Finally, if you search with Google ‘reverse single crochet’ you will find several (very clear) tutorials, also on You Tube.

      Thanks again and success with making you own blanket!

      Elisabeth Andrée

  5. Are these instructions in US terms? This is absolutely beautiful pattern….thanks for the tutorial!!

  6. p.s. Is it okay to use a photo of the blanket in our post featuring your design?

  7. Hello there,
    Your lovely blanket design is featured on The Firefly Hook’s Free Pattern Friday. You did excellent work on this design!

    Abbey (for The Firefly Hook)

  8. beautiful! i am starting one now! will you be putting it up on ravelry so that i can link to it?

  9. Just lovely! Thank you for sharing!

  10. Prachtig!! Wil eigenlijk ook met een deken beginnen, maar weet niet of ik genoeg geduld heb….

  11. C’est vraiment une très belle couverture ,aussi bien pour un lit ou un landau de bébé que pour se lover sur le canapé!!… 😉 je crois que j’aimerai bien la faire aussi…… Merci pour le modèle! 😉 🙂

  12. so simple and so beautiful!

  13. Such a simple but beautiful blanket, it definitely meets the brief and will be treasured forever I am sure. I love the soft colours.

  14. Thank you for the pattern, I really would like to try this beautiful blanket.

  15. So beautiful a perfect baby blanket – thank you for the pattern x

  16. thank you for this pattern : a nice gift for us!!!!!
    xxxxx Ale

  17. As usuasl a fantastic pattern. That will be one happy baby.

  18. I love this! Will try making one next!

  19. It came out very nice – I know the new mother will just love it. Thank you for sharing your tutorial with us. 🙂

  20. So beautiful. A treasure to keep forever.

  21. Thank you for sharing it! I like this blanket very much. Is such a beautyful and easy tutorial! Greetings from Germany! Sabine.