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elisabeth andrée are my two first names, but family and friends call me andrée, i can not remember otherwise. 

zoetermeer in the netherlands is the place i live which is close to the haguethe city where i was born.

crochet i learned around age six. at that time, girls learned knitting, crocheting, sewing and embroidery at school. in my life there were alternating periods of non-creativity and creativity and that where the times i was creating almost non stop from interior design to embroidery and i read a lot of books and magazines. i learned to understand crochet patterns in english and i discovered diagrams/charts which i now prefer above written patterns. 

in february 2011 i started blogging to have a sort of task because at that time it dawned on me that i was – because of my poor condition – no longer capable to work and earn my own income.

i love to crochet, it helps me to de-stress and to focus on the good things of life. it feels good to share my ideas and it is lovely to see how ideas and work of other crocheters and crafters evolve.

people who create i find very inspiring. 

hopefully you will find inspiration on my blog and if you do so, i have a beautiful day!

thank you for visiting my blog!

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62 thoughts on “about me

  1. Hello, my nm is Sue from Niagara Falld, Ontario, i came across and pattern (White) sc2tog and turn into a pyramid, is there a you tube video, or a pattern for this for m tp try.

    Thank you for taking the time to read my e-mil

  2. Hello Elizabeth, I love, love, love the colors of your crochet baby blanket, phildar cabotine azur and ecume. I’ve checked on line and cannot read the wolplein website. Please direct me to the place where I can purchase the yarn. Can I do that through you?
    Thank you
    Kathy Erken

    • Hello Kathy,
      Thanks for your kind message.

      Wolplein.nl is part of an international company (Yarnplaza) and on top of the right side of the website you see the possible languages/countries. Just click on the flag of your choice 😊

      Hope this will help you any further. Good luck!

  3. Hi Elisabeth,
    Ik wat een mooie dingen maak je! Ik zou graag met je in contact willen komen om je wat te vragen. Kan alleen geen email adres oid vinden ☺️

    Grtn Renee

    • Halle Renée,

      Dank je hartelijk voor je aardige berichtje!

      Waar je me een privé bericht zou kunnen sturen is op Instagram, tenminste als je daar ook een account hebt. In de rechterkolom op de pagina’s maar ook in mijn laatste blogpost vind je de link naar mijn account. Je kunt me daar ook vinden als je zoekt met elisabethandree.
      Laat me maar weten of het lukt.

      Mooie dag!
      Elisabeth Andrée

  4. Greetings Elisabeth Andree
    Your work is beautiful, I love everything that I have seen. But I do have just one question for you. Are your patterns written in US or UK, as there is quite a difference in the stitches. Thank you.


  5. Hi Elizabeth Andree! I’ve just found your blog & simply love your patterns 🙂
    Thank you for sharing your time & talent,
    Mary aka yayamama

  6. Dear Andree, I’m Francesca from Rome;
    your blog is so nice…beatiful ideas, lovely colours…
    I’m finding a lot of inspirations on your patterns, expecially about bags!!!
    Best wishes
    Francesca ❤

    • Hello dear Francesca,
      Thank you for visiting my blog and your kind message! I am happy you like it here and I hope you will crochet many beautiful things including bags.
      Thanks again!
      Have a nice day!

  7. Yes Elisabeth is my favourite crochet pattern designer.

  8. Andree, I found your blog and it is so nice. I tried to print the Colorful Blanket pattern, but when I do all the comments are superimposed over the directions, making it impossible to read. Am I doing something wrong, or is there a some other place I should be retrieving the pattern from? Thanks for your reply to this. Lee

    • Dear Lee, thanks for your kind words and the question.
      I have no idea what went wrong?
      You can push ctrl+P (Windows) or cmnd+P (Apple) and then choose which pages you like to print. Or you can choose to save it as a pdf and then print the pages you like.

  9. Would love the pattern mini black squares bag. Please!!!!

  10. Beautifull Blog! Beautifull work! It ‘s a an inspiration for me …
    My name is Elisabeth ! 🙂

  11. your blog is very inspiring, very beautiful 🙂 I love all your work 🙂

  12. Love Love Love your work! I can’t seem to find a link to the yellow shrug. Is there a pattern available?

    • Hello Barbara,
      Thanks!! I don’t have a pattern for the shrug, but if you like you can visit the website of LionBrand yarn and search for the crochet ‘Simple Shrug’.You will find a pattern for that one.
      Good luck!

  13. My blog has actually been moved off WordPress – it’s at sandrasanger.com now. I keep forgetting to change my settings on WP. And it’s a professional blog, so perhaps not quite as interesting!

    It’s mid-morning here – thanks for the kind wishes! I hope you’re having a beautiful day as well (and feeling stronger in your health).


  14. Hi Andree,

    Well, it took me a long time, but I’m glad I finally took the time to read more about you on your blog! And here I was calling you Elisabeth 🙂 Your blog is beautiful, and you are so kind to share your patterns and beautiful work. I plan to visit regularly 🙂 And of course, continue connecting on IG. This is @mobiusgirl 🙂


    • Hello Sandra,

      Well you made my day, such a nice surprise to have you here!!! Thanks for your kind messages, both 😀 !
      And you are on WordPress too, I will look at your blog tonight.

      Since you live on the other side of our planet I think it is morning for you, so I wish you a wonderful day!

      Thanks again and see you on IG!

  15. v good patterns and color combinations .may god bless u

  16. Good to know about you Elisabeth! I have a lot of things to learn from your blog! Be creative as you are and keep inspiring us!

    Warm Regards,
    The Arts & Me

  17. Hello Andree! I adore your blog and am so inspired by it. Currently I am working on your storage bag with little fish tutorial and it’s so wonderful! I love the beautiful swirl pattern on the bottom of it. Thank you so much for that tutorial. I had never seen anything like it and it’s such a lovely effect. I keep seeing a bag on pinterest that is attributed to your blog– a shopper bag that is purple with small squares of different block colours. I see no pattern for it. Would you consider re- posting this tutorial? Many thanks and good wishes from Richmond, Virginia, USA.

    • Hello Jennifer,

      Thanks so much for your sweet comment, so nice to read you like the storage bag! 🙂

      Sorry I have to tell you that I don’t have a pattern for the little shopper, never made one. It was just an example of what you can/could make with tiny squares. This is the link to the post with info, just scroll down for the shopper: https://elisabethandree.wordpress.com/2012/05/30/tiny-squares/

      Thanks again and have a lovely day and evening!

      • Thank you so kindly! I just taught another crochet fanatic the swirl effect today that I learned from your tutorial. 🙂 Nice to make someone’s day with something so simple yet so lovely!

  18. Andree ..I love your patterns .And u r colour combinations are v.nice.
    From the age of six you are crochetting…no wonder..u r creations are outstanding

    • Thanks for your sweet message!
      I didn’t crochet all my years since I was six, there where times I didn’t crochet at all. The last years I just can’t stop.
      And you?

  19. I love your blog Elisabeth. You have a wonderful eye for unusual but very effective colour combinations. I’m being nosy, but what do you do with all your makes? Or do you have a house completely decorated in crochet?

    • Thanks so much Lucie! Feel free to be nosy on my blog 🙂 I always keep an eye on your posts because you are full of ideas and creativity and the tone of writing is often cheerful to me.
      My humble home is not completely decorated in crochet, but crocheting is my therapy and a daily activity. Some projects I give to charity (like blankets for animal chelters) and some projects I give to family and friends. Some projects I give to people and in return they help me with things I can’t do myself. And there are projects in my closet in boxes, just waiting….

  20. Elizabeth,
    Nice beautiful work…
    I remember you have in your FB page once put a granny square wine colour bag.
    can you forward again.
    it s not there in your bag pattern.Thanks a lot

  21. Hi Andree, like you I learned to crochet at about six years old but it was my grandmother who taught me. I am also invalided out of work so I too indulge myself in crochet and needlework to my hearts content and with two new babies due to arrive in the next few months that means lots to do. Love your blanket pattern and will definitely make it for my nieces baby as I know it’s a boy but might make it for my friends baby in white since the sex is unknown. Good luck with your blog. Wish I knew how to make one as I have lots of very old patterns that belonged to my mother and grandmother that I would like to share.

  22. I luv ur pattern. And i thank you for that and you inspiration! God Bless!

  23. love your blog!!! I love crochet tooooo!!! 🙂

  24. Thank you so much Colline!

  25. I like what I have seen of your blog. You have some beautiful projects that you have made.

  26. Hoi Elisabeth,

    Ik heb net even op je blog zitten struinen.
    Je maakt erg mooie dingen! Met hele interessante kleurencombinaties.
    En je maakt heel veel, hele grote dekens. Wow! Ik ben jaloers 🙂

    Leuk om je blog te volgen.

    Groeten, Anne-Marie

  27. Message for Andrea Stamas: you can find my reply to your question on this page: https://elisabethandree.wordpress.com/2012/07/20/spider-blanket/

  28. Great to find you online – my parents were from Groningen (Niewe Pekela), but I was born in Canada and now live in Tasmania, Australia. Love your blog! =)

  29. Andree, your afghans are absolutely beautiful! I now know what I’ll be doing after I finish the two I am working on now. I love your use of color — it’s so refreshing! One of the best parts of crochet or knitting is getting to play with color. Thanks for your blog and your patterns. Have a wonderful day!

    • Hi Gia,

      What a very nice message you have written, thank you!

      I totally agree with you, it is very nice to play with colors and I always say that my box with yarn is my color box, as children have one.
      Good luck with your knitting(?) and crochet projects and thanks again for your kind words, I appreciate it very much.


      • Hi Elisabeth. Im having problems understanding pattern for Spring Bag tutorial. Cannot understand how to crochet the last stitch in rows 1 to 10 for top of bag and handles. Please explain.

        • Hi Alicia,
          This is the text of row 2-10: row 2 – 10.
          insert hook into same stitch as ss, draw up a loop, insert hook in next stitch, draw up a loop, yarn over and pull through 3 loops on hook, first 2sctog made, *insert hook in same stitch, draw up a loop, insert hook in next stitch, draw up a loop, yarn over and pull through loops on hook*, repeat between * and * until end op row, end with insert hook in last stitch, draw up a loop, insert hook into the same stitch as first stitch, draw up a loop, yarn over and pull through loop on hook, ss into first 2sctog, 1 ch

          After you made “ss into first 2sctog, 1 ch” you start with “insert hook into same stitch as ss” over again until you have made the tenth row. Success!

  30. Hi Andree, I used to visit your other blog, glad to have you on WordPress! I love learning things from you, thank you.

  31. Hi Elisabeth
    thank you so much for all of your lovely comments, I am feeling much stronger and I was spoilt by my special family

    Sue x

  32. Hi Elisabeth! I wish you all the best with your new blog 🙂