elisabeth andrée

about crochet


my name is helga and i live in the hague, the netherlands. since 2002 i am my own ‘boss’ at vormbeeld as a graphic designer. my pictures do not show a product made of yarn, but the yarn itself, showing its true color and structure.
looking in my mother’s basket with yarn ‘leftovers’, i see colors that recall memories of the seasons.

spring with its fresh pastel colors, butterflies symbolizing new life, a new start.

summer with thoughts of the beach, seeking shells, blue skies and a crisp white dress.

autumn with its warm colors, the leaves slowly changing color and the beginning of the season to make it cozy in the house again.

and winter with its cool grays. they remind me of the stones i found on the beach at cap blanc, france.

four seasons, each with its own beautiful, inspiring shades… as in the basket with yarn.


(click on the pictures to see them in larger size)


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