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cats, crochet and flowers

how are you? hope it goes very well! 

it’s time for an update, although i have not much crochet work to show you. 



first of all this: i received an email in which was written: 

“Hi Andrée,

These are Zoef and Dopje on your crocheted rug. It is not often that they lie against each other …”

Zoef and Dopje on crocheted rug

cute cats! i don’t know for sure but i think the darkest one is dopje:)

more about the small rug you can find via these links including the link to the pattern for the square.

  1. wip-on-the-floor
  2. small-crochet-rug



in my previous post i wrote about ‘red’ hyacinths and the red appears to be a bright pink hue, a pretty pink but not red. the other hyacinths are all very beautiful too i think.


simultaneously with the hyacinths i had bought an amaryllis and the last few days the flowers showed their true beauty.




the blanket that i make from squares is already well advanced and at the moment i am crocheting with pink along the short sides. i will tell you more about it in the nearby future.


this was it for today, i wish you a happy and creative week!



round rug

the round rug is ready!

round rug by elisabeth andrée

after i had used up the off white and light gray yarn the rug had the size of a large placemat. i saw it happen that a guest would pick up the thing of the floor and say, your placemat lies on the floor, where can i put it? therefore i started to crochet with the other colors of the same yarn and i have used up over 18 balls from my stash and the rug has a diameter of just over 90 cm. not very large but it is a nice size.


there is somewhat confusion caused by my complaining about the splitting yarn ‘light cotton’ of drops. the purple pouf i made of this yarn and that was fine to work with, at most, a bit stiff. then drops has renewed the yarn and created this splitting yarn. in my opinion no improvement, even though it contains more cotton.

on the left the old and on the right the new version

on the left the old and on the right the new version


if you want to make a round rug too, you can use my tutorial, see here for part 1. increase the number of stitches until the last row. but i have a tip for you to keep the rug completely flat. if the rug is getting larger than it may happen that at the edge it gets slightly wavy. if that’s the case, then crochet one row without increasing, after that row continue again with further increase like you did.

to complete this story about my round rug here some pictures of the details, just for fun. 

until next time!


splitting yarn

hello, thanks for stopping by!

​​concerning my health the last weeks were poor, but last friday i went to the hague for a lunch with a friend. we had a pleasant conversation and good food, but this weekend was not good again. despite that my creative brain cells kept working and i invented all kinds of projects that i want to crochet. normally i’m working on multiple projects simultaneously, but never before with so many as now. i have no pictures of them yet, i will soon tell you all about it and show the photos.

splitting yarn

which brings me to my complaint about the yarn (cotton light drops) i wanted to use for a new pouf, but could not work with (see previous post). 

at the post about the small chrysanthemum rug, katharine wrote a comment “this is what i want in front of the sink. just a little softness underfoot and so pretty to look at.” and i thought that could be it! i grabbed the yarn and i started with a too large size crochet hook and this is the result. not very nice, not even for a carpet and on the way i came across this piece of yarn.


my impression is that with a larger size crochet hook than is stated on the label, you could work a little more easier with splitting yarn.

at this moment i’m trying this: double thread and that’s going pretty well and it is not as frustrating. so maybe soon i will have a new rug:)

keep you posted!
many beautiful projects can be found on the following websites:


small crochet rug

the floor mat is ready and washed. on the top picture you can see that i’ve pinned it still damp onto my poor couch. 

chrysanthemum rug


on the bottom picture you can see how the rug could look on the floor in front of a bed. i have no anti slip mat fixed to it, because if someone has carpet it is not necessary to do. if someone has a slippery floor i can give a piece of the anti slip together with the rug.

it is very wet and cloudy weather therefore the photos look so bad.

chrysanthemum rug

on my previous post i got a few comments about a crochet rug on the floor, but i think that is a fine in a child’s bedroom. when family or friends came/come to visit me with small children i often put a crocheted blanket on the floor to play on. and if i think it is boring for small children to lunch at the table, i put a blanket on the floor and we go for a ‘picnic’. that’s always fun.
this was it for today, wish you a great weekend!


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