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cats, crochet and flowers


how are you? hope it goes very well! 

it’s time for an update, although i have not much crochet work to show you. 



first of all this: i received an email in which was written: 

“Hi Andrée,

These are Zoef and Dopje on your crocheted rug. It is not often that they lie against each other …”

Zoef and Dopje on crocheted rug

cute cats! i don’t know for sure but i think the darkest one is dopje:)

more about the small rug you can find via these links including the link to the pattern for the square.

  1. wip-on-the-floor
  2. small-crochet-rug



in my previous post i wrote about ‘red’ hyacinths and the red appears to be a bright pink hue, a pretty pink but not red. the other hyacinths are all very beautiful too i think.


simultaneously with the hyacinths i had bought an amaryllis and the last few days the flowers showed their true beauty.




the blanket that i make from squares is already well advanced and at the moment i am crocheting with pink along the short sides. i will tell you more about it in the nearby future.


this was it for today, i wish you a happy and creative week!


11 thoughts on “cats, crochet and flowers

  1. I love the cream & pink afghan…. patterns???

  2. Your flowers look beautiful and the cats are adorable! xx

  3. Your photography of the flowers is amazing.

  4. those cats……..sweet!!!!!!
    I’m in love with your blanket!!!!!!
    xxxxxxx happy week Andree’ ale

  5. What a fairy tale this post is…the photo with the cats is so beautifully dreamy…do you mind if I share it on my new FB page?…..sorry,already done….I couldn’t wait for your answer because you are worth to be seen!!!Hugs!!! 😀

  6. The cats are very cute, they sure do love sleeping…especially on yarny things!

    Your flowers are beautiful, although I prefer my cacti as I don’t really have green enough fingers to keep flowers alive!

    Your crochet blanket is looking lovely so far, a great combination of the grey and pink together!

  7. Love the flower pictures 🙂 I’ve got some pink hyacinths and yellow narcissus flowering in my kitchen at the moment and an amaryllis growing on a window sill in my lounge that’s finally produced a flower bud. I love Spring bulbs 🙂

  8. Beautiful flowers – and the blanket is looking real pretty. 🙂