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yarn photo expositions

yarn through the lens

years ago i was mesmerized by photographs of yarn, especially macro images i found beautiful.
many years later, i still think pictures of yarn are a delight to the eye and i thought that i might
do something with that on my blog.

and see here, i have created a special place for permanent photo expositions of others.

their photos are a creative representation of how she/he sees yarn through the lens and/or their
work with yarn. but 
the photos must say more than just “here is my creation”.
the presentations are wordless, except for a brief introduction and a link to their own websites. 

every time a new exposition is added i make an announcement on my blog. 

the name of the photographer i publish on this page and can be seen in the drop-down menu at
the top of the page.





anette of lebenslustiger

anja of aeimage

celine & roy of catching colors

donatella of inspiration & realisation

helga of vormbeeld


yarn photo exhibition.


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