elisabeth andrée

about crochet


3 pages full of faux crocheted stars, there are multi-colored, uni-colored and off-white stars.
click on this link or the picture for more info and to download the pdf.
faux crochet stars - pdf download

4 printable pages full of balls with all different textures (pdf)
printable balls 1 by elisabeth andréeprintable balls 2 by elisabeth andrée

how i hardened a crocheted container and basket
crochet container by elisabeth andrée

how to crochet a doggie toy
toys for dogs

how to crochet a pyramid with 2sctog
crochet tiny pyramid button

how to make a yarn bowl

not really a tutorial but an idea:
what to do with all those yarn ends?

yarn bowl

how to remove yarn where you have attached it
when crocheting an edge around a square
how to remove yarn where you have attached it button

sewing squares together
sewing squares together button

stitch patterns:

3 variations of the stitch pattern
used during the crochet contest 2011
3 variations of stitch pattern for contest

how to crochet open-work-with-clusters
open work with clusters stitch pattern button

crochet ribbing in 3 shades by elisabeth andrée button