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sewing the small squares together


colline asked me to show how i attach the small squares together. well, in the ‘old fashioned’ way;) these days i like to sew them together in the way i describe below. 

i also used this method for the lacy with dots blankets. even with different colored yarn the sewing stitches are not visible in a disturbing way (to my opinion). above that my blankets are free of ridges. 


how to

you need a needle with a blunt tip.

needle with blunt tip

  • the small squares you sew together by inserting needle and yarn through both loops of the stitches, these are the same loops where you would insert your crochet hook when crocheting. 
  • skip the chains between the double crochets, but not the 2 chains of the corners, 1 of them belongs to one side and the next chain to the other side of the square. 
  • start with two squares next to each other, wrong sides facing you, insert the needle in the corner chain. in the first (right) square insert the needle from back to front and in the second square (left) from front to back. this way you can sew all the squares and all the rows of squares together. 
  • please, use photos below as your reference. by clicking on the pictures you can see them in a larger size.
how does it look?
good luck with trying!




4 thoughts on “sewing the small squares together

  1. Thanks for the tutorial – I have done it a few times, but not sure I did it right, I don’t seem to have been too wrong 😉

  2. This is so pretty! love the colors..

  3. thank you Andree’! I usually use my hook to join together my squares, so your tutorial is really useful to try something different!!!
    xxxxxxx Ale