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faux crocheted stars



do you too think this is the time for stars, smaller or larger?

and it’s so nice to knit or crochet them. but what if you can’t knit of crochet or just do not have time to make them?

not to worry, here are three pages full of faux crocheted stars. you only have to click on the picture below to download the pdf, print the pages, cut out the stars en paste them on anything the way you like. there are multi-colored, uni-colored and off-white stars.

maybe you like this idea, i think it’s a great!


the stars are for personal use only, but most of all i hope you will enjoy them!

hope you will have a good start of the new week, see you soon!




3 thoughts on “faux crocheted stars

  1. Hallo Andrée,
    Bedankt voor je ‘gehaakte’ sterren!
    Leuk idee! Ik moest er erg om lachen…
    Ik ga ze printen op stevig papier en er een slinger van maken.

  2. I love stars, so thank you!!!!!
    xxxx ale