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threads, threads, lots of threads


you always keep these too?

bag full of yarn ends - elisabeth andrée

and i made it into this

how to make a yarn bowl by  elisabeth andrée

a while ago i saw on carolyn’s website a recipe for making a paste with which you can make a bowl out of yarn. she used a long piece of yarn (her bowl is quite chic), but i wanted to use my left overs. i took a glass bowl, then put cling foil on it. i soaked the yarn in the paste and then applied it all onto the bowl. i thought it was quite nice with my hands in the goo (is goo the right word, it sounds funny?). it took a very long time before it was dry.

how to make a yarn bowl by  elisabeth andrée

this is the result. for a first attempt the bowl looks not bad, don’t you think? 

some pictures of the bowl still wet

how to make a yarn bowl by  elisabeth andréehow to make a yarn bowl by  elisabeth andrée

how to make a yarn bowl by  elisabeth andréehow to make a yarn bowl by  elisabeth andrée

by the way, i think this is a fun project together with kids:) !

recipe for the paste

on the picture below: that is not milk, it is the paste. the recipe of the paste and further instructions you can find via this link:

how to make a yarn bowl by  elisabeth andrée


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  1. Did this years ago with my 6th grade students. Blew up balloons into small shapes and wrapped with yarn after dipping in glue solution. ( We may have used wheat paste.). Sprinkled glitter on and hung to dry. After they were dry we popped the balloons and removed them. Tied a thread on one end and it became a Christmas ornament. I still have Three from those years that go on my tree every year! I’s been at least 30years now!


  3. @PRIYA: Please read the text and look at the pictures, I am sure you can make your own bowl:)

  4. HOW TO MAKE IT YAR…. IN BOWL SHAPE. am not getting it… can u pls explain

  5. @ Holly Swenson: Thank you for stopping by. The link (is blue) to the blog with the recipe for the paste is clickable and working, I just checked. Hope you will try again!

  6. @ Holly Swenson: Thank you for stopping by. The link (is blue) to the blog with the recipe for the paste is clickable and working, I just checked. Hope you will try again!

  7. Love this idea! Could you possibly post a link to how to make the paste??? I went to the link you recommended under your first picture and found nothing??? please help! wanting to make this soon! Love the idea!

  8. @David: Thank you for visiting my blog. To answer your question: the bowl is made of a homemade glue with pieces of yarn, take this into consideration, please. So you can not put heavy things in it without damaging it, but you can just pick it up and move it without breaking it. I’ve had it for over a year and there is no thread broken off. It is suitable for decoration or, for example, keeping plush animals toys, balls of wool or something like that. I hope this info helped you!?

  9. GREAT projecft for left over yarns and fibers. I can’t wait to PLAY.

  10. @Orla: Thanks for stopping by. No, it won’t take long before the yarn is soaked, I think it was about 10 minutes for my amount of yarn. Hope this helps!

  11. Looks like a great idea to use in school, doe the yarn need to be soaked for long?

  12. Love this idea!!! Thanks!

  13. @ Catrina,The link to the recipe of the paste you see in the text between the photos. The link is in blue.Thanks for stopping by.

  14. Hi,What sort of glue/paste did you use? Thanks!

  15. very cute

  16. I love your yarn bowl with all the different colored scraps better than the one made out of one color. Great job. I can see using this to store yarn or even fabric scraps in that I use for scrappy quilting projects.

  17. Wallpaper paste is an option too!

  18. Hello Susie,Sure you can, but I can not really recommend what would work well. I’ve tried children’s glue myself but that is not strong enough so your work will fall apart. Maybe you can ask in the shop for advice? Success with it!

  19. Can you use store bought goo? I am lazy and don’t feel like making some? If so what kind? Just glue?

  20. Wonderful idea!! Found your site through The Crafty Crow … just in time for Christmas!! YEAHY!! ;D

  21. Hi! I added your nice tuto in my blog!Sara

  22. The thick goo and yarn is wonderful!! I love this bowl! As the author of many art ideas, this reminds me of other smaller projects, but never have I seen anything like this dynamic yarn bowl! Thank you so much!!~ MaryAnn

  23. All my little bits of yarn are in little balls. I could dedicate some of them to this project! Wonderful!

  24. Hello Kimberly,Thank you for stopping by my blog. Just above the second series of photos on my webpage you will find the link for the recipe and further instructions.Success with it!

  25. what is the paste made out of?

  26. LOVE this! Thanks for sharing : )

  27. Do you need to spray it with a sealer? It is sooooo stinking cute. I really want to do this with my 6 year old little girl. She loves to put her hands in goo!

  28. I’m a teacher and this is a great idea for Christmas gifts for the parents. Thanks.

  29. Looks like Saran Wrap. Did I ever goof!!!

  30. Is that Reynolds wrap over the bowl? I tried this with Rey. Wrap and the yarn stuck to it! Was I wrong with what I used or did I not leave it there long enough?

  31. Hi Denise,Thanks for your question.The bowl is not very strong, I got it for decoration. If you want to keep things in it a clear lacquer is recommended.

  32. I love this! Great job on your bowl, it is so cheery. Thanks for sharing it!

  33. How pretty! I cross stitch and think I will make this out of the left over floss I have collected 🙂 Thank you

  34. I love the bowl and can’t wait to make my own! After it is dry, do you need to protect it with a lacquer or clear coating? How sturdy is it?

  35. What a great project! 🙂 I’ve featured this post on Craft Gossip here:http://homeandgarden.craftgossip.com/yarn-bowl/If you would like a “featured by” button, you can grab one here:http://homeandgarden.craftgossip.com/grab-a-craft-gossip-button/

  36. Very creative and so much fun! I have so many scraps that I feel guilty throwing away. This is such a great outlet for them.