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strings scarf


yes, the scarf with the strings is ready!

while making the strings, it seemed at times that my fingers fell off, so no similar things in the nearby future:(

another problem is that i can’t get nice and clear photos of the scarf… well look at the pictures, not good, don’t you think? the weather is gray and therefore the colors look a bit drab. this is what i have done to get better ones:

i took pictures of the scarf…

wearing a black shirt
a blue (teal colored) sweater
on a hanger


on the table
on my good old lampshade (like a wig, don’t you think?)


i have also tried to take a picture with the scarf on a hanger hanging at the window, but then a little pigeon in the garden got almost a heart attack, poor bird.


this time i did it a little differently than last time when i worked with thinner cotton yarn (see here). these strings are made of softfun, a blend of 60% cotton and 40% acrylic in two shades, 1 ball of each, and hook size 4 mm. after closing the strings to a ring i have them – through the parts where i have sewn – strung together and secured the whole firmly with a knot. then i sewed a crocheted elongated piece over it and that is the part you wear in your neck.


finally i sewed a larger crocheted elongated piece over the strings so that it functions such as a men’s necktie. that part you can slide as high or as low as you want. 



what do you think of it?



by the way 1:

if you like to make similar strings you can find the link to the tutorials by vashti braha for chainless foundations but unfortunately, there are problems with her website and her tutorials are not accessible.

another tutorial can be found on the website of doris chan via this link

by the way 2:

the elongated pieces of my scarf are all slip stitches.

hope to see you next time!


WIP – bag and scarf



here you see two of my WIP crochet projects. 
a shoulder bag

made of black and taupe acrylic yarn with a touch of mercerized cotton in the same shade. i just need to sew the tunnels and two buttons and crochet a closure. i don’t think i will line the bag.

sorry for the unclear pictures.
the crochet strings-knot-necklace 
(see here) in a somewhat warmer version, so it is more a scarf or cowl. i only have two pieces to attach to the strings and then it is ready. the strings together are too thick to make a knot (it would give a big knot just below my chin, which would cause funny scenes when eating tomato soup for example) but i’ve thought of something else.
that i’ll show you next time.


crochet strings-knot-necklace

the necklaces with the crochet strings are finished!

crochet strings-knot-necklace
how to wear?

you can wear the necklace with the strings loose, but the intention is actually this:

put the necklace over your head with the little straight piece at the back of the neck. in this little piece the strings are fixed and they can not slide….

crochet strings-knot-necklace

then make a large knot in the strings…

crochet strings-knot-necklace

and wear the necklace with pleasure!

i hope you like the concept!

crochet strings-knot-necklacecrochet strings-knot-necklacecrochet strings-knot-necklacecrochet strings-knot-necklace

a small addition due to the question of whether the strings are made of only chains. they are not, see the photo below. the upper string are only chains, the lower are the two sides of a string of which the necklaces have been made. these strings meander.

crochet strings-knot-necklace

i had not realized that to others it may be difficult to imagine how it looks like when you’re wearing one of the necklaces. i thought, you put the thing over your head and then you make a knot in the strings:) i do not want to be unkind so i made a photo, it a not a good one because it is early evening and cloudy here, but it is the impression that counts, doesn’t it?

crochet strings-knot-necklace
have a lovely weekend!


crochet jewelry

hello, nice of you to come by!

the last few weeks i have made some jewelry for children, just for fun. one necklace is more mature. 

crochet strings-knot-necklacecrochet strings-knot-necklace

not everything is equally successful, but about a few i am more satisfied like the necklace with the many cords (the more mature one) and the bracelets. especially the bracelets i found enjoyable to make. unfortunately the photos are not sharp and clear but what do you think of the jewelry?

crochet strings-knot-necklacecrochet strings-knot-necklacestring bracelet by elisabeth andréestring bracelet by elisabeth andréestring bracelet by elisabeth andréestring necklace by elisabeth andréeImg_8313crochet necklace by elisabeth andréecrochet necklace by elisabeth andréeclose up of crochet necklace by elisabeth andrée
regarding whether to continue blogging, i am impressed by all the lovely comments and emails, it makes me feel good that you have written me, really! 
hopefully i can – for the time being- use posterous and who knows they come together with twitter with a new form of blogging. i have most of my blog posts imported into wordpress, but i am not happy with it. so, still thinking, still busy and still i have not taken a final decision. to be continued.


have a great week!
close up of


tutorial flower bracelet & necklace


first i intended to make a tutorial, but then i thought it isn’t very special, so i only published some photo’s with a brief explanation. but now, here is the tutorial for you, by special request of amy.

the flowers i have crocheted over a year ago and i really do not remember how it evolved. i think – on the basis of a pattern – i tried a few things and it has become this little flower. they were originally meant to sew around the edge of a white scarf.

used materials and stitches


  • (leftover) cotton yarn
  • small buttons with 4 holes for the necklace
  • 1 button with 2 holes for the bracelet
  • crochet hook sizes 2 – 2.5 mm
  • sewing thread in a matching color
  • a needle with a blunt point
  • chain = ch
  • ss = slip stitch
  • sc = single crochet
  • h dc = half double crochet

how to make the flowers

  1. start with a magic ring
  2. don’t start with a ch, but make 6 sc into the ring (not too tight, especially not your first stitch)
  3. close the magic ring and ss into the first sc
  4. don’t start with a ch, but crochet 1 h dc and 1 ss into the same stitch as the ss
  5. in the next 5 sc you make: 2 h dc and 1 ss
  6. cut the yarn and finish the flower with needle and thread in the first stitch (which is the ss) and the last stitch you have made in the following way:

weave in both ends but only cut one off, because you need a thread to attach the flower onto the necklace. i did not cut the yarn ends until i had sewn the flower on the necklace .

how to make the necklace

  1. crochet a number of chains until you reach the length you like to have, then close it into to a ring (try to avoid turning and twisting).
  2. make 2 ch and crochet 1 h dc into the next ch and into all the chains till end of row. 
  3. finish the necklace with a ss or rather with needle and yarn in the same way as you did with the flowers (photo 1,2,3)
  4. (if you like to make a belt for example you don’t close the chains into a ring but, but at the end you turn, then make 1 h dc into the 3rd ch from hook and into all the chains till the end of row. repeat this row if you want it wider).

how to attach the flowers onto the necklace

  1. define where you want to sew the flowers onto the necklace
  2. you have 1 thread left on each flower. all flowers have a little dent and that is where you sew the yarn to the front (pictures 2 – 5)
  3. sew the yarn through two holes of a button (picture 6)
  4. sew the yarn with a flower and button onto the necklace. see pictures 7 – 12 how to do that. 
  5. sew the button by pulling the yarn through the two remaining holesnote: pull on the yarn but not too tight, so the flower can dangle a little
  6. weave in the end at the back side of the necklace.note: try to avoid bumps of yarn on the back of your necklace. 

with a contrasting color yarn you can make basting stitches and more secure the buttons. 



how to make the flower bracelet

  1. start with making 3 ch and then ss into the dent of the first flower
  2. crochet 3 ch and ss into the next flower, repeat this untill you have the desired length
  3. end with 3 ch
  4. close the bracelet into a ring (try to avoid turning and twisting) by attaching the first and the last chain together, you can do this in the following way:
  5. cut the yarn after the last chain stitch
  6. sew the yarn through a button and then into the first chain stitch, sew securely
  7. to make it extra solid i have sewn some stitches with plain sewing yarn.
that’s it!
hope you like the tutorial and that you will make many pretty flower bracelets and necklaces!