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colorful blanket


pattern for the squares

colorful blanket by elisabeth andree

two summers ago i made this blanket of an average cotton yarn, hook size 2,5-3 mm. 

for the blocks i changed the pattern of a hexagon into this ‘there is nothing special to it’ square. 

colorful blanket by elisabeth andree


colorful blanket by elisabeth andree
colorful blanket by elisabeth andree
used stitches (american english)
  • ch = chain
  • ss = slip stitch
  • sc = single crochet
  • dc = double crochet
start with a magic loop

square fo colorful blanket by elisabeth andree

1. 4 ch (= first dc and 1 ch), crochet *1 dc, 1 ch* 11 times (= 12 dc and 12 ch), close magic ring and ss to third ch

2. ss to first chain space of row 1. make 3 ch and 1 dc in first space, *2 ch and 2 dc in next chain space*, repeat between * * till end of row, end with 2 ch and ss to third ch.

3. ss to first chain space, make 3 ch and 2 dc in first space, *(2 ch and 3 dc in next space) twice, 3 ch and 3 dc in next space* crochet between * * 3 times, end with 2 ch and 3 dc in next space twice, 3 ch and ss to third ch.

4. ss to first chain space, make 3 ch and 2 dc in first space, 1ch, 3 dc in next space, 1 ch, in the 3 ch space you create a corner: **3 dc, 2 ch, 3 dc**, *(1ch, 3 dc, 1 ch in the next space) twice, (**make a corner**)*, crochet between * * 3 times, end with (1ch, 3 dc, 1 ch in the next space) twice and ss to third ch. fasten off. 

5. if you want a larger square, just repeat row 4 until desired size.

diagram for colorful blanket by elisabeth andree
colorful blanket by elisabeth andree
colorful blanket by elisabeth andree

19 thoughts on “colorful blanket

  1. I would like to know how to make the border
    going around the bottom of the Floral Afghans > Black Eyed Susan Squares.
    They almost look like little butterflies.
    Thank you sew much.
    Just beautiful.
    Bev in Ohio

    • Bev,
      I have no instructions for making the blanket, only for the squares. It’s been a few years since I made ​​the blanket and I have no notes. Maybe you could take a look at the comment of Brooks Ann Miller above and my reply to it, maybe the info is helpful.
      Thanks for visiting and your comment.

  2. After 50 years, I still I love to crochet. In fact, it really is my “first language.” I plan on making this beauty. My sincerest compliments for your creativity, but for mine…I will be adding a complimentary color with a 5th row to each square…to aid squaring and to frame each flower in something of a trellis that will show off each individual flower. The white is lovely, but it is just way too much white for me.

  3. Your Blanket looke beatufil, i just have one question, what is a Magic Loop and how do i make one. I have never heard of that term before.

    Thank you

    • Hello Twyla,

      Thanks for your visit and comment.

      The magic loop or magic ring is a replacement for the chains you close with a slip stitch when you make a square or something round.
      There are many tutorials. If you search on Google ‘how to make a magic loop’, you can find tutorials on Youtube, but also written tutorials with photos. You can make a choice according to your preferences.


  4. Very beautiful blanket! I just couldn’t wait to start making one of my own. Thanks so much for sharing the pattern. What kind of border did you put around it? It will be a while before I get that far but I like to think ahead. 🙂

    • Hello Brooks Ann,

      Thanks for visiting and your comment.

      To answer your question: I can not remember, but I think – when I look at the pictures – it’s a few rows of alternatively three double crochets and 1 chain. And all around it a wavy row. Sorry, it’s a few years ago and I’ve crocheted it without a pattern.

      Success with your blanket!

      • Thanks for the border information. I have made a dozen or so squares and I think this is one of the prettiest things I have ever made. Just love the combination of the dark centers, bright ‘petals’ and white ground. Can’t wait to see how it turns out.

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  7. The afghan is very pretty. Thank you for sharing the pattern.

  8. that is what i was planning, just wanted your expert opinion! thanks

  9. @ Kathleen: It is been a while since I’ve made this blanket, but I almost never sew crochet work. For this blanket single crochets are a good option.

  10. now that i have several squares done.. can i ask how you attached them? sc or sew?

  11. @ Kathleen: Thanks for stopping by and for your kind comment! How sad for your friend and what a good friend you are for making these squares. Your color plan seems great! Success with it and thank you again!

  12. love this blanket!. i have a freind who lost her leg and this is a perfect way to send her flowers!im using just three colors, black for the center, scraps of the same bright worsted weight for the next two rounds last row white.. looks like bright flowers. thanks for th perfect pattern

  13. Thank you for visting my Blog.I love to crochet too and I want to crochet a blanket too, but its a tedious work! Your blanket ist so wonderful, love it! Greetings from germany, bavariaSusi

  14. This rug is so simple but attractive

  15. Beautiful blanket! I’ve been working on a blanket for almost a year! Well done!