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pink pillow


who loves pink?



for this – yes very very – pink pillow i used the sunny spread pattern by ellen gormley. the pattern is – to my opinion – useful for coasters, bags and much more. if you are a ravelry member login and see what others have done with it.
this pillow only needs a zipper and then it can go to someone who LOVES pink.


you can download the original pattern via this link:




2 thoughts on “pink pillow

  1. Elisabeth, forgive me for the name mistake. I am so exhausted today. Didn’t sleep almost at all… babies are crazy, life is so busy, not enough coffee! I hope you’re doing ok!!!

  2. this is wonderful pattern. I just finished fingerless gloves. I was so intimidated by them at first but they were so easy to make! Now I saw this and it looks like such a wonderful project… . Thank you for the constant inspiration Andrea!