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crochet also relaxes dogs

nice to see you!

did you see my yesterday’s blogpost with the photos of joya on her new crochet cushion? 

if you missed it, here is the link.


last night i received two new pictures of joya together with the info: joya is totally relaxed. 

of course i want to share the photos with you and i hope you enjoy looking at them!

have a nice day and see you soon!




joya on her crochet cushion

let’s start this monday with some news about the doggie bed.


recently mireille and marijn have responded to my search for a sweet dog who would love to sleep on a crochet cushion. they let me know that their dog joya likes to sleep on a cushion and about a week ago they came to my home to collect the ‘doggie bed‘. 

joya – a 5 years young friendly brown labrador – was fascinated by the smells in my garden of cats, birds and hedgehogs and thought the cushion was not very interesting 🙂

some days later i received a few photos by mail accompanied by the information that joya is happy with her new doggie bed and that she likes to lie on it. 

as you can see on the pictures below joya poses like a professional model.

thanks for the photos to mireille and marijn and to joya for modeling!


hope everyone will have a great week!


(please click on the photos for a larger size.) 



doggie bed is finished

it’s friday and almost weekend!


the weather reports promise rain and wind, and sometimes some sunshine. how’s the weather with you? 


let’s talk about crochet. 

the doggie (or is it doggy?) bed i finished last night.

crochet doggie bed by elisabeth andrée

crochet doggie bed by elisabeth andrée


now i am looking for a sweet dog who wants to be a photo model and who can appreciate the doggie bed to sleep on or to lounge on while watching tv 🙂

after the photo shoot the cushion is for her/him. if it works, i do not know, but i will keep you informed. 


anyway, below you can see the pictures of the doggie bed or floor cushion. the dimensions are approximately 72 cm wide and 102 cm long and it looks a bit like a small size sleeping bag. in there is my old duvet which is still in good condition, but i bought a new one for myself that is more suitable for people with allergies. if i may say so myself, i think the result looks comfortable. 

more info about the squares and the yarn you can find in a previous post via this link.

would you make a bed or large floor cushion like this for your dog or cat? 


later today i will join creative friday at natural suburbia.


hope you will have a wonderful weekend! until next time!




birthday present


little doggie balou celebrated his first birthday last sunday and the thursday before i went to visit my friend jacqueline and balou and i brought along a birthday present. a small size ‘football’ made ​​of 8 hexagons, 7 black and 1 orange. this time it was not filled with yarn ends, but with longer strands of acrylic yarn.

a ball for balou

a ball for balou

balou still has his crocheted doggie toy. for his (human) mother and sisters i had made ​​cuddle cushions (same pattern) and jacqueline told that balou at times when he thinks no one sees it, grabs hers to put it with his own stuff.

he is a beautiful dog with a very friendly character. well below are some pictures, i hope you enjoy looking at them.

have a lovely weekend and until next time!

ps. second picture: sewing up the gaps helped for a while, by now the ball ended up in the trash can. this toy was not suitable for a puppy but balou was – for a short time – very happy with it. the next time i think i will make a more compact ball without gaps in it 🙂


an update


a short blog post to wish you a great day and week and also to give you a brief update.


maybe you remember balou? his human mother and two sisters liked his toy and wanted to have one for themselves. therefore, i have made three ‘cuddle cushions’ ​​of black, beige and two shades of gray. they do not like colored things, so i kept it neutral.



regarding the spring bag: thank you for the lovely comments! 🙂 you may expect the tutorial soon, not this week, but i try to publish it on my blog somewhere next week.


this was all for today, below are a few pictures and if you like to crochet a gift for a large or small person, cat (with catnip in it) or dog, here is the link to the pattern.


see you soon!



cuddle cushion with gerry flower

cuddle cushion with gerry flower