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joya on her crochet cushion


let’s start this monday with some news about the doggie bed.


recently mireille and marijn have responded to my search for a sweet dog who would love to sleep on a crochet cushion. they let me know that their dog joya likes to sleep on a cushion and about a week ago they came to my home to collect the ‘doggie bed‘. 

joya – a 5 years young friendly brown labrador – was fascinated by the smells in my garden of cats, birds and hedgehogs and thought the cushion was not very interesting 🙂

some days later i received a few photos by mail accompanied by the information that joya is happy with her new doggie bed and that she likes to lie on it. 

as you can see on the pictures below joya poses like a professional model.

thanks for the photos to mireille and marijn and to joya for modeling!


hope everyone will have a great week!


(please click on the photos for a larger size.) 


10 thoughts on “joya on her crochet cushion

  1. Beautiful pictures! The dog really matches the dog bed!

  2. Beautiful dog on a beautiful crochet cushion. Well done, Andrée!

  3. What a cutie! She looks extremely pleased with her new bed – as she should be. Awwww, I’m in love!

  4. Aw….your baby looks so cute on his or her little bed you made! Very nice!

  5. I have a dog who looks a lot like Joya. She’s half chocolate lab and half German shorthaired pointer. I can’t wait to make this dog bed for her. Thanks for the idea. I really enjoy your blog and can’t wait to see the pouf finished. If I did make it, my Golden Retriever will probably decide it’s his. He weighs 85 lbs, so he’d probably squish it flat. Guess I’ll have to make a bigger version of the crochet cushion for him. Thanks.

    • Thanks for sharing your nice comment.
      The dogs I know all love crochet and knit things. My parents had a huge crochet bedspread and a tiny dog, who didn’t understand why she should share the bedspread:) I am sure your dogs will love their future crochet cushion(s) too!

  6. The dog is a beauty.