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small grannies project: chair cover


thank you for all the nice comments! some of you have guessed that the small grannies project become something to wear. that is close, only it is not meant for a human being:)  helena of queen and fox was the closest, she thought it was something for an armchair.

thanks again, i liked to read your messages:)



the small grannies have become an old dining chair cover, consisting of two parts.

on the picture below you see the old chair that  (i – along with three others and a dining table – bought in 1981/1982) stands in my tiny hallway at the front door.

the seat has a sort of dent, it belongs that way, and therefore i first put a piece of an old duvet on it, as i did over the back of the chair.

old chair

and this is how the chair looks when it is ‘dressed’. it’s not haute couture, but i’m pretty happy with it.

chair cover by elisabeth andrée

the seat cover i tied with crocheted laces to the back of the chair legs, under the seat.

the cover over the back i tied at the sides and bottom.

crochet chair cover back

what do you think of it? 
have a very nice weekend and until next time!
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small grannies project (2)



it’s been pleasant summery for the last few days and i have spent hours sitting under the parasol while working on my small grannies project.

the completion of the project approaches. 

can you already guess what it is going to be?
small grannies project by elisabeth andrée 


something about last sunday:
i had a new personal record and that’s worth a congratulation… ..not.


that day i had 129 spam messages, all from one address in the uk, someone has a very empty life and that is sad.

thank you wordpress for filtering out those unwanted comments.

anyway, i wish you a pleasant continuation of the week and hopefully see you soon.


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small grannies project

nice of you to drop by!


the small grannies are out of the jar and i selected and now sew them together with needle and yarn.

first i tried the whipstitch but i think it was not very pretty and crocheting the squares together was this time not an option.

therefore i use a different method similar to that of vanessa cabban of doyoumindifiknit.

small grannies by elisabeth andrée


hope you will come back soon for the next episode of the story about the small grannies;)

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small grannies project by elisabeth andrée




many small grannies

did you have a good start into the new week?

small grannies by elisabeth andrée


the pile has grown too large for the glass bowl but the small grannies fit

– well almost all –

in a large pot with a size of 4 liters.



like to make these small grannies too?

click here for the patttern 


later this week more about my plans. hope to welcome you then!

a sea of small grannies

a sea of small grannies


small and smaller squares

what is the difference between the small grannies and the tiny squares?

small, smaller square




how to make small grannies?

(american english terms)

  • start with a magic ring
  • first row:
    3 ch, 2 dc, 1 ch, (3 dc, 1 ch) 3 times, slip stitch in top of beginning chains
  • second row:
    slip stitch into space between 3 ch and first dc, 2 ch,
    1 dc between next two dc,
    2 dc, 1 ch, 2 dc into 1 ch-space,
    *1 dc into spaces between next 3 dc (that are 2 spaces),
    2 dc, 1 ch, 2 dc into 1 ch-space,*
    repeat between * and * another two times,
  • cut yarn, finish off neatly


you see, all three squares are somewhat different. hope you like to crochet them!
see you next time!