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wip: small grannies


hope life is good for you!

today i have not much to tell, except that the pile of my small grannies has grown and here are a few pictures.


a bowl full of small grannies


looking forward to your creative project at:

until next time!

see here how to make the small grannies



21 thoughts on “wip: small grannies

  1. I love these grannys!! 🙂

  2. They almost look good enough to eat! Cuties. 🙂

  3. Baie mooi kleure, dit voel sommer lekker op die oog!

  4. Heerlijk he, die kleintjes haken…. haast gedachteloos haken, met heel af en toe fantasie wat er mee te doen, lieve kleurtjes zijn dit.

  5. Hoi Andrée, een fijn project lijkt me. Het ziet er in ieder geval heel vrolijk uit. Hopelijk werkt het ook zo voor je. Dank je wel voor je reactie op mijn blog, altijd weer leuk om te lezen dat je langs bent geweest! Groetjes, Sandra

  6. Mmm, gnam! Better than macaroons!

  7. How lovely, looks like a bowlful of naughty chewy sweets!

  8. Hmmm… a bowl of grannies? That sounds like fun! 😉

    Blessings, Debbie

  9. Oh those are tiny grannies!?! What’s your plan to join them up. I’m just learning about that. I tried Join as You Go with my hexagons but it was too much for my poor cold-congested head to bear, so I copped out and did a single crochet join.

    • Hi! I will revisit after I finished my reply.

      Yes these are little sweeties, at least I think they are cute if I may say so myself;) This is a sort of pause project, because my other projects are a little too complicated for the state of mind I am in at the moment. Not sure how to join them yet. I don’t feel for the join-as-you-go-method. It is super handy, but it makes me feel restricted, it takes away my joy of playing with shapes and colors and I like to change my ideas at the latest moment.
      Single crochet join is always good (I think), it is firm and you can make a feature of the ridge at the front.

  10. Mooie kleuren. Eigenlijk heel leuk om het in een schaal te doen. Geniet je er nu ook van.

  11. They look lovely as they are, a bowl full of delights!

  12. Love the pile of little grannies, I am considered as those who have little patient to do something small like those granny, bravo to you.

  13. A lovely bowl of candies.

  14. Love the grannies! Some friends and I took to calling small grannies Saltines after the crackers…

  15. Thanks for visiting me earlier today. Love those little grannies. Had a quick look at your blog and will be back for a more though look later. Enjoy your week Candace

  16. Your pile of grannies look yummy!!

  17. Oh, die kleuren! Echt prachtig. Kwijlenswaardig . 🙂