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crochet projects: 2 done and 2 in the works

hello, good to see you!


lilac cowl

a small and fun project and easy to make (to my opinion).

i used one ball of 100 gram saskia yarn with hook size 4.5 mm and worked a little loosely.

for a basic ‘how to make’ you can use this explanation for the curly bracelet. for this lilac cowl i made 151 chains per curl and made all single crochets. 

closure of crochet curly cowl by elisabeth andrée

crochet curly cowl by elisabeth andrée

cat bed

for the cat of my cousin who loves to sleep on soft and crochet things, i made a cat bed that measures about 50 x 50 cm and about 10 cm high. it is a little wobbly and feels really soft and comfortable (inside a children’s comforter which is easily washable) so i hope the cat will love to relax on it.


cushion cover

both sides of the cushion cover made of ‘another squares’ are done. all the squares are sewn together, i have crocheted one row around and fasten off the yarn …. and i think i measured something wrong because the sides are to small for the pillow, so i need to crochet more rows around them. no problem.

if you like, you can find the pattern for the squares here. the yarn i use is scheepjes ‘softfun’ and crochet hook size 4.00 mm.


some evenings were a little cold but for me those evenings were a good opportunity to work on my orange spider blanket.work in progress orange spider blanket by elisabeth andrée

these are my projects, joining ginny’s yarn along at small things
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crochet nutty pillow done!

it’s friday and i hope you will enjoy the weekend! 

here are some pictures of the bright colored crochet nutty pillow that i started september last year, more info here. this week i finally completed the project. it is made entirely of leftover yarn.

inside is a pillow made from an old duvet cover filled with leftover yarn, yarn ends and leftover crochet projects. i measured to find the middle on both sides and pulled needle and yarn through.

the crochet cushion cover i washed and after it was dried, i have put the sewed cushion in it and i could easily pull the yarn on both sides through the center and attach the buttons, then i sewed the edge.

the nutty pillow is a large floor cushion of almost 90 cm in diameter, it feels like a comfortable mattrass and i designed it for two cats to relax and sleep on it. i hope they like the neon details!

Have a lovely weekend and until next time!


crochet work in progress 2014

hello dear friends!

thank you for visiting while you must be busy ! or maybe not 🙂

this blogpost is the last one of 2014 but i think i will keep posting pictures on instagram

there are some projects that i still didn’t finish and i know some of you are waiting for the explanations. a promise is a promise, the ‘how to’ for the foldover bag (photo top right) and the scarf/cowl (photo top left) will be available here on my blog.

the large floor cushion and the nutty pillow are also waiting.

work in progress 4 projects by elisabeth andrée

at the moment my home is a mess because i am rearranging things and that gives much hassle. there is not much crochet activity because of that and because my fingers are very sore. but you know me, i can’t stop and with thick yarn and a large hook size i can do some crocheting. the soft yellow yarn is katia alaska, a very soft acrylic and i am in love with it. info about the stitches you can find here.

work in progress yellow crochet shrug by elisabeth andrée

goodbye 2014!
i do hope you will have a wonderful holiday season, with many festive activities or just a happy quiet time.
thanks for visiting my blog this year, i really appreciate each lovely comment!
thank you! 

until 2015, stay safe!!!

yellow katia stitches close up


green pouf cover ‘lettuce’

the green cover for my pouf is finished and it’s name is lettuce.


the cover is done fairly quickly, although i have used thin yarn. the color of the pouf itself is somewhat visible, but i think that is fine because it is a light natural color. i have used six balls katia new cancun, each of 100 grams and crochet hook size 4.5 cm. 

the yarn i used is not very suitable for a pouf cover, because it is a little thin and not very strong, but i like the color and i am happy with the result. 

i have no pattern for you, but maybe you think my notes are useful and below this blogpost there are some links.


  • starting point is the center of the square for the sunny spread by ellen k. gormley that for years has been a favorite of mine (link below).
  • the increase is in the stitch where you crochet the fpdc, because you first crochet a dc and then a fpdc in the same stitch. while crocheting the top part of my cover i continued to increase the number of stitches, only occasionally i did not to prevent the cover would go wavy. 
  • the last row of the top, i have not increased but decreased by doing this: pull up a loop in the last stitch just before the fpdc, in the fpdc and in the first stitch after the fpdc, then yarn over and pull it through the first three loops on hook, then finish the stitch as a fpdc. it is complicated to write and to read, i think trying is better to make it more clear.
  • the side of the cover are only double crochets and the lower part with the ribbing i made by alternately crochet a dc and a fpdc. then three rows of half double crochets followed by three rows of slip stitches. 

    green crochet pouf cover side and edge

    green crochet pouf cover side and edge

  • the white decorative stitches is surface crochet. if you like to try this technique, below is a link to a tutorial.
  • at the end of each ribbing i have sewed a little white button

    white button on green pouf cover

    white button on green pouf cover

  • the ‘peephole’ on top i leave as it is. i can sew a white button, the effect is about the same, but it will be less pleasant sitting on it;)

    center of crochet green pouf close up

    center of crochet green pouf close up



handy links:

to go to the page where you can download the free pattern for the sunny spread, click on this link 


there are many patterns with the use of fpdc, here are three basic ones on my pinterest board crochet motif – shapes:


if you have not previously made ​​a fpdc, here is a link to a tutorial with video

also for surface crochet there are many tutorials to find, this is one of them


hope the links are useful to you!


this is my last blogpost for this week.

thanks for visiting, have a great weekend!


UPDATE: friday i will join creative friday at natural suburbia




crochet also relaxes dogs

nice to see you!

did you see my yesterday’s blogpost with the photos of joya on her new crochet cushion? 

if you missed it, here is the link.


last night i received two new pictures of joya together with the info: joya is totally relaxed. 

of course i want to share the photos with you and i hope you enjoy looking at them!

have a nice day and see you soon!