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crochet work in progress 2014


hello dear friends!

thank you for visiting while you must be busy ! or maybe not 🙂

this blogpost is the last one of 2014 but i think i will keep posting pictures on instagram

there are some projects that i still didn’t finish and i know some of you are waiting for the explanations. a promise is a promise, the ‘how to’ for the foldover bag (photo top right) and the scarf/cowl (photo top left) will be available here on my blog.

the large floor cushion and the nutty pillow are also waiting.

work in progress 4 projects by elisabeth andrée

at the moment my home is a mess because i am rearranging things and that gives much hassle. there is not much crochet activity because of that and because my fingers are very sore. but you know me, i can’t stop and with thick yarn and a large hook size i can do some crocheting. the soft yellow yarn is katia alaska, a very soft acrylic and i am in love with it. info about the stitches you can find here.

work in progress yellow crochet shrug by elisabeth andrée

goodbye 2014!
i do hope you will have a wonderful holiday season, with many festive activities or just a happy quiet time.
thanks for visiting my blog this year, i really appreciate each lovely comment!
thank you! 

until 2015, stay safe!!!

yellow katia stitches close up

16 thoughts on “crochet work in progress 2014

  1. Happy New Year Andrée… It gives so much satisfaction to look back at what is done in the last year… May this year also give you such busy, healthy and happy days!
    TC! Keep smiling 🙂

  2. Door alle feest drukte aan het eind van het 2014 heb ik helemaal deze post gemist ….. Wat een prachtige projekten weer (oh, de mand!!). Dankjewel voor een heerlijk blogjaar met veel inspiratie – ik wens je voor 2015 een in álle opzichten fantastisch jaar! Marianne xx

    • Dank je wel lieve Marianne! Altijd leuk om berichtjes van je te ontvangen en te lezen!
      Wens jou – een beetje laat – een heerlijk, gezond en creatief 2015, zonder migraine en zo, maar wel met veel gezelligeid!
      Jij ook bedankt voor de inspiratie en de vrolijkheid die altijd van je foto’s spat😊

  3. Lieve Andrée, zoals altijd zijn je projekten weer erg inspirerend. Vooral het vloerkussen ziet er prachtig uit.
    Ik hoop van harte dat 2015 een gezond jaar voor je wordt!
    Dikke knuf uit een berekoud Potsdam (vannacht gaat het blijkbaar weer sneeuwen)

  4. These are all nice project. I love the brown squares with the coloured edges. 🙂

    • Thanks for visiting and your compliment Regula! Hope to restart the giant cushion cover (the brown squares with the colored edges) sometime in January.
      Have a pleasant Sunday evening!

  5. Gezellige dagen gewenst en een zeer creatief 2015! groeten Francien

  6. The yellow scarf looks great, thanks for the pattern! Merry Christmas!!

  7. ….ok, we’ll wait till 2015 to have more informations about your wips!!!!
    Have a Jolly Christmas time!!!
    xxxxxx Ale

  8. Dear Andrèe, hope your fingers are better soon! Have a great Christmas time and a Happy (more healthy) New Year! Great projects, hope to see you next year again. Last weeks I had a lot to do, no time for blogging anything. I want to change it! 😀 Happy days again for you and your family!

    • Dear Sabine,

      So nice to hear from you!! Thanks for all your kind words and wishes this year, it is always a joy to read your comments.
      Wish you and your family a wonderful Christmas and all the best for 2015!!

      Hopefully the WordPress reader will do it better next year so I won’t miss any of your posts.

      Please give some hugs and kisses to your furry sweeties of behalve of me.

      Until next year! 🎄💚🎄