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curly bracelet



you do not like hearts and valentine’s day to you is ….?

make a nice bracelet for yourself!

the stitch technique is the same as for this scarf cowl, see here

curly-scarf - elisabeth andrée

you can use yarn of all types, thick or thin, just adjust the number of your beginning chains.

there are some differences between the scarf and the bracelet:

  1. the number of stitches
  2. the thickness of the yarn
  3. for the scarf h dc and for the bracelet sc.
  4. the number of strings.



next to a bracelet or scarf, a single string would be nice to sew along the edge of a cushion. or do you have an invitation for a dinner or party and no money to buy new clothes? if you have a basic t-shirt or blouse and yarn in the same color: make two bracelets and slide them to the ends of the sleeves. many garments have spare buttons you may use.

curly-scarf - elisabeth andrée

how to?

for the yellow bracelet i used thin yarn: dmc petra 5, a yellow fake pearl and a 2 mm crochet hook.

  1. for the first string you make 70 chains plus 1 extra to start
  2. crochet 2 sc into the 2nd chain from hook, crochet 3 sc in the next ch and in each subsequent chain until the end of row
  3. don’t fasten off but make again 70 chains plus 1 extra and repeat 2. for the second and following rows.
  4. do not cut the yarn when you’ve made the last string, because you will now crochet 1 sc in all ends of the strings. maybe an extra sc is necessary to create a perfectly straight part at the end of the bracelet. make the length and width just the size you like and need for the button or bead. if you are satisfied fasten off.
  5. attach the yarn at the other end of the first string. now make sure the strings are not twisted with each other. then you can crochet the second end of your bracelet, but do not forget to make a buttonhole.
  6. fasten off and your bracelet is ready.
curly-scarf - elisabeth andréecurly-scarf - elisabeth andrée

curly-scarf - elisabeth andrée

9 thoughts on “curly bracelet

  1. This is soo lovely.. love the yellow so happy and sunshiney! Thanks so much for sharing with the Pink Hippo party!

  2. Adorable bracelet! I love the yellow!Thanks for sharing it at Creatively Living!–Katie

  3. Adorable bracelet! I love the yellow!Thanks for sharing it at Creatively Living!–Katie

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  5. Hi A! That’s a really nice bracelet! And you are so sweet giving us the pattern too 🙂 Have a nice sunday!

  6. This is very sweet Elisabeth… I can imagine it made in some unusual yarns too :)x