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hope all is well with you?!

last week i had no opportunity to write a blog post. we had a final farewell in the family and although not totally unexpected, for us it was too soon. i’m still a little confused, but fortunately for me there are yarn, hooks and crochet.


maybe you like to take a look at my wips?

in the house of my mother, i found this simple glass vase, with a minor damage at the top edge, it measures 21 cm high with a diameter of 18 cm. i have crochet a sleek cover of light green catania yarn and at the top a small teal and coral edge.


the spider stitch blanket has only become a little larger. the yarn is stylecraft special dk and the color’s name is saffron, which is a really fresh and happy shade of orange.

wip orange crochet blanket spider stitch pattern


the slightly variegated green colored bag you see on the picture below is for my sister in law. the yarn is cotone of lana grossa and it feels quite firm which makes it suitable to use it for projects like this. the bag is almost ready, only the top i have to finish and i’m thinking to make a surprising color effect.

small crochet green shopping bag in the works


last but not least, a secret project and it has to remain secret for a while, but i will post more photos as soon as possible. it is pink and lilac and the lilac has a gray undertone. the yarn is the lovely acrylic peques of katia. it feels very soft!lilac and pink secret crochet project in the works


that is all for today but this afternoon i will join ginny’s yarn along at small things

wish you a wonderful day and i hope to see you soon again!




work in progress: crochet charcoal cowl/scarf

nice to see you! 

my cowl/scarf has grown…

… and i doubt if i should make a colored detail.

i have green and blue yarn left from the soft ribbels blanket (which is finished!) and i also have yarn with the name peony. i do not like to wear pink, but because this yarn is variegated it might be a little different. what do you think, let me know?!

wip charcoal cowl/scarf optinal colors

more info about the stitch pattern you can find in a previous post here.

joining ginny’s yarn along at small things.

have a wonderful day!

close up stitch pattern charcoal cowl/scarf


soft ribbels blanket finished!

today the light is good and bright enough to make some photos, it is cold with faint sunlight.
the soft ribbels crochet blanket is finished and below you can see the pictures of the result! 

after many attempts i decided not to make an edge. i hesitated and hesitated and have the blanket washed and after it was dry, again made several attempts but eventually i decided: no edge. so this is an edgeless blanket 🙂 

for two nights i already slept under it and it turns out to be a warm blanket, because besides the blanket i only have a summer duvet and i didn’t have it cold at all. it is stretchable and it feels comfortable and warm.

i am happy with it, hope you like to take a look at the photos! 
if you like to crochet soft ribbels too, here is the link to the how to
thanks for visiting, see you next time!


crochet charcoal scarf/cowl

thanks for stopping by to see and read a little update from my yarn activities!


the soft ribbles blanket is finished and i am happy with the result! i would love to show you some pictures but it is dark and cloudy and you probably know how ugly photos look with that type of weather. so please have a little patience, as soon as daylight is a little brighter i will make photos and publish them. that is a promise! 🙂

the explanations for the foldover bag will come soon, hopefully this month.


new scarf or cowl

yesterday evening i started a small crochet project and if you also like to make a quick scarf or cowl, this might be something for you too. i found a simple but pretty stitch pattern on a russian website, with a clear diagram. this is the link to the pin on my pinterest board: crochet stitch patterns


still working on the shawl but if you like to start already, this is what i did so far.

i have two balls stylecraft charcoal left from the soft ribbles blanket. unfortunately one is grayish and one is more black. maybe you can see it on the picture below? stylecraft yarn charcoal


to solve the problem this is what i did and do: the first rows until there were 12 rows of shells in the darker version, than crochet with the grayish version until the end of the ball, than restart with the darker version. with the darker version yarn that will be left over i can make an edge or buttonhole closure. i will keep you informed about the progress. 


because of the shells the fabric is not completely flat, i like the effect of it. see the stitches on the pictures, seems that making photos of gray yarn in gray weather is fine.


i use crochet hook size 5.00 mm and work widthwise.

the used stitches are: 

ch = chain

dc = double crochet

5 dc into 1 stitch = 1 shell

start: for about 28 cm – that is 10 shells in a row – you need to crochet 54 chains.

  • row 1. first dc into 4th chain from hook and into all subsequent chains until end of row, 2 ch, turn
  • row 2. the 2 ch = first dc, skip 2 stitches, 5 dc into next stitch, *skip 4 stitches, 5 dc into next stitch*, repeat between * and * until end of row, but end as follows, after the last shell skip 2 ch and make 1 dc in the top of the turning chains, 2 ch, turn
  • row 3. the 2 ch = first dc, 1 dc into next stitch and into all subsequent stitches until end of row, 2 ch, turn
  • row 4 and further. repeat rows 2 and 3.
enjoy and hopefully see you very soon again!

warm and soft charcoal crochet scarf in the making


work in progress: crochet ribbing blanket

nice to see you again! 


first, sorry to those who are waiting for the explanation on how to make these bags and cases. i had to slow down the last few weeks but hopefully i can post the info and pictures here on my blog next week. so please stay tuned 🙂


i was able to work on my blanket of variegated yarn, it is lovely to make different combinations with only three shades. maybe you think it looks too dark and if you are a lover of pink hues you will miss them 😉  but i’m in love with these three colors. 


wip crochet blanket of variegated yarn


the blanket is now large enough to keep me warm while working on it and that is wonderful as the evenings get colder. it will take a while before i like the size of the blanket that is why i have bought extra yarn (14 balls). 




if you like more info about the yarn and how to crochet soft and flexible ribbed fabric you can visit my previous blog post via this link.


today i like to join ginny’s yarn along at small things
wish you a lovely day and thanks for visiting!