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crochet work in progress: bags and cases



we are already halfway through the week and it is time to show the projects i’m working on the last few days. hope you like to take a look at the photos 🙂


the yarn i crochet with is “scheepjes stonewashed XL”, a mix of 70% cotton with 30% acrylic. scheepjes is a dutch label and the yarn is beautiful. i’m using crochet hook 5.0 mm and work pretty tight because i want to make a firm fabric which will keep the bags in better shape while carry more weight.



projects in the works crochet bags and cases




different colors 

the black with yellow stripes, will be a fold-over bag, one of the two small cases i like to use as a makeup bag and/or to hold other smaller things i always carry around with me.  the mesh bag i want to keep pretty small, because i – also – want to put it in the fold-over bag for unexpected buys so i can avoid plastics.



the two cases that you see on the pictures are for a crocheter who has hooked before, easy to make. if you like to have some explanations how to make them please write me a comment. i am not talking about a pattern or tutorial, just the explanations. you can write a comment below until 45 days after today 🙂




this was it for today, i love to join ginny’s yarn along at small things !


until next time!







36 thoughts on “crochet work in progress: bags and cases

  1. They look really good, I like the black one with the yellow stripes, very striking

  2. I just adore your bags, and would love an explanation on how to make them. The fold over and the mesh! Thank you for sharing your talent!

  3. I’d love to see some more info about how you made your beautiful bags!

  4. the fold over bag is really beautiful!!!!!
    xxxxxx Ale

  5. Great bags! I really love the dark gray and yellow one! Tight single crochet can take awhile to work up, but it does make a really nice firm fabric. 🙂

  6. Hi!
    I’m portuguese, but I always see your blog. I think it is fantastic. Congratulations!

    These bags and cases are beautiful and you are very gifted!

    If you can give me some explanations I will be very happy!

    Thanks and best wishes for a good job!

  7. Stuk voor stuk prachtige projecten! Mooi hoor – dank voor het delen en nog een fijne week gewenst.

  8. Is that just single crochet? I love the stitch!

    • Most of them are single crochets, the yarn gives a beautiful effect! The other stitches (the yellow) are 2sctog without decreasing.
      Thanks for visiting are writing a comment!

  9. so lovely♡! have seen it on IG and here is my comment. please let us know how u did it! they are so beautiful, want them B-)

  10. Het ziet er super uit! En weer vind ik het geel mooi in je projecten 😉

  11. A lovely looking yarn. I love your black and yellow bag.

  12. Oh my goodness – so beautiful. I am addicted to single crochet right now – and they look great with your yarn & color choices!

    • Thanks so much Jenny! Single crochets are not my favorite stitches, but with this yarn they look beautiful and they create such a firm fabric which i like for the bag and the small cases. Thanks for visiting!

  13. Gorgeous color ways you chose- how clever and useful they are.
    Beautiful work!

  14. I would love to learn how to make your cool bags. Thanks!

  15. They all look lovely. That yellow on the black is awesome – really striking and funky!

    I’ve got some cloth bags that serve as shopping bags (rather than getting yet more plastic ones), but haven’t thought of using crochet, as I think I’d be worried about it stretching. So I’d be interested to hear what mesh pattern you’re using, and how it copes with use.

  16. All of your bags look nice. It’s good to use crocheted bags instead of plastic ones. 🙂

  17. Dear André, I hope, you feel better now (I red it at one of your posts at Instagram). I do. My virus isn’t gone, but I feel better, it leaves me now. I love your idea of these bags and offcourse you use grey and yellow again (and blue / turquoise) 😀 I posted about my last shawl /scarf do you want to see it? Visit me 😉 Best wishes to you, Sabine.