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blankets and squares

another crochet square

baby blue blanket

baby blue blanket


not really a pattern but a detailed explanation of how i made this bedspread
based on the stitch pattern of the baby blue blanket
bedspread button
colorful blanket: pattern for the squares

colorful blanket

festive blanket part 1
festive blanket – the edge part 2

festive blanket

lacy with dot square

picnic blanket part 1:
how to make the squares

picnic blanket by elisabeth andrée part 1

small grannies: how to make

small grannies how to make


stitch patterns for blankets:

how to chrochet the stitchpattern as used for the yellow blanket
yellow blanket - stitch pattern

crochet ribbing in 3 shades by elisabeth andrée button
blanket-with-neon-accents :
basic instructions and the stitchpattern
blanket-with-neon-accents : basic instructions and the stitchpattern

orange and stripes blanket:
the stitch-pattern
orange stripes blanket



2 thoughts on “blankets and squares

  1. Hello! Is there a video tutorial for the baby blue blanket? I cannot seem to find it.
    Thank you