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orange & stripes – stitch pattern

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hello everyone!

via different ways, i received questions about the orange striped blanket – my latest WIP project. my appointment was canceled this afternoon so i had enough time to make an extra blog post.

this pattern is very simple, once you have the knack of it, it works fast and relaxed. actually just as relaxed as the stitch pattern for the blanket with neon accents.
for more photos of this project see the updates:


i’ll tell you how i started, but first the materials i work with.



for this pattern it does not matter how thick or thin your yarn is. if you want to crochet a bulky warm blanket, thick yarn seems more appropriate. i like to crochet a not so bulky blanket therefore i use a slightly thinner yarn and a crochet needle that is a bit to big for this yarn, so i create an airy/stretcy but warm fabric. if you prefer a firmer result, use a hook size that matches the yarn you use.

i’m using
  • popular fin 100% acrylic yarn, beijer, 50 grams – 200m/220 yds
  • crochet hook size 4 mm (instead of 3 mm)
  • colors: orange, beige and black
used stitches (american english):
  • ch : chain
  • sc : single crochet
  • dc : double crochet


stitch pattern

  • 54 chains + 1 chain for the start (you can multiply per 2 chains)
  • row 1. make 1 sc into the 2nd ch from hook, 1 dc into the next ch, *1 sc into the next ch, 1 dc into the next ch*, repeat between *   * until end of row, end with a dc into the last chain, make 1 ch, turn
  • row 2. make 1 sc into the first stitch, 1 dc into the next stitch, *1 sc into the next stitch, 1 dc into the next stitch*, repeat between *   * until end of row, end with a dc into the last stitch, make 1 ch, turn
  • row 3 and further. repeat row 2.


what it is about
  1. you always start a row with a sc
    orange-stripes-stitch-pattern - ellisabeth andrée

     …….. ……..

  2. you always end a row with a dc
    orange-stripes-stitch-pattern - ellisabeth andrée


  3. always make 1 chain to turn
    orange-stripes-stitch-pattern - ellisabeth andrée


  4. you always crochet a sc into a dc and a dc into a sc of the previous row
    orange-stripes-stitch-pattern - ellisabeth andrée
    orange-stripes-stitch-pattern - ellisabeth andrée

  5. for this pattern insert your hook always under the two loops of a stitch
    orange-stripes-stitch-pattern - ellisabeth andrée


my blanket

some extra info

  • 54 chains is de width of one section which measures about 28 cm
  • for a striped part of a section i crochet alternately 12 rows beige, orange, black, beige and for the unicolored part i crochet 48 rows orange.

that’s it!

if you get started with this pattern, i wish you good luck with it! 

just let me know!

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