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the bedspread is finished and it looks like this:



how it is made

below is not a pattern – i don’t have a pattern, sorry – but only an explanation of how i made the bedspread for my mother.

(in the text i refer regularly to the pattern of the baby blanket, perhaps it is useful to open two screens side by side – if possible.)


the blanket or bedspread is made of acrylic yarn in three shades of gray, the darkest is anthracite, combined with soft pink and greige. 

the size is about 150 cm wide and 230 cm long and it is meant for a single bed of 90 cm wide, but on the pictures you see it draped on a larger bed.

i used variations on the stitch pattern of the baby blanket, you will find the details there.


mid gray

7 blocks wide and 7 blocks high (is a total of 49 blocks) 

each block is made of 31 double crochets wide and 21 rows high

mid gray blocks

mid gray blocks



2 rows of the blocks similar to the stitch pattern of the baby blanket

pink blocks


dark gray

1 row of blocks, each block is made of:

3 rows of 31 dc

15 rows of 5 dc, 1 ch, skip 1 stitch, 1 dc, 11 times (11 1 ch-spaces) end with 4 dc into the last 4 stitches

3 rows of 31 dc

mid gray blocks

mid gray blocks



2 rows of the blocks similar to the stitch pattern of the baby blanket



1 row of blocks made of:

4 rows of 7 dc, 1 chain, skip 1 stitch, 7 dc, etc.

anthracite blocks


1 row of blocks similar to the mid gray blocks

greige blocks


changing color

when changing colors i have repeated the row of 1dc, ch 1, 1dc with the new color at the back of the blanket. 

see photo: 

changing colors

> exception is the narrow row of blocks (anthracite), since you end up at the front and you attach the new color on the back.



the row of 1 ch-spaces which runs all the way around the blanket is similar to that of the baby blanket.

and the very last row is made of reverse single crochets: along the long sides without chains between the reverse single crochets, along the short sides with 1 chain between the stitches and in the corners three reverse single crochet with 1 chain between them.


for those who have asked for an explanation for the bedspread, i hope  the above information helps you.



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  1. Loved our bredspread. I would like to do it. Could you tell me how much wool of each color do I need?

    • Hello Corina,

      Of each color I used about one and a half ball of 100 grams = 150 grams for one row of blocks. The size of the crochet hook is 5.0 mm – a little too large for the yarn to create a loose fabric – the yarn is 100% acrylic.

  2. Hi, I love the look of this but am a bit confused by the directions. Are you going to do up a proper pattern for it? There appear to be 5 colours, not just the light gray, pink & dark gray. Looks like black and beige as well in the photo. Yes? No? Also the photo marked mid-grey squares looks like the instructions for the dark gray squares? Would love to see the whole thing written out if possible.

    • Hello Diane,

      Thanks for your comment.

      I had/have no intention to write a pattern for the bedspread, on this page I am just giving info about the stitches because visitors asked me to.
      The bedspread is made in three shades of gray, the darkest is anthracite (not black), soft pink and greige (looks like beige) and I have used variations of the stitch pattern for the baby blanket. In the text you can read under each color which variation.
      Sorry but this is all I can tell you.

  3. È bellissima! E tu sei bravissima!
    (It’s really wonderful and so are you – I won’t even think of making it, I could never reach this perfection. But, God, I would love to!)

  4. very very pretty! thank you for sharing.

  5. Gorgeous! I really like the colors! So pretty!

    Navy Wifey Peters @ Submarine Sunday Link Party

  6. Did you use a 4.5 mm hook on this? I was looking at your instructions for the baby blanket, but the yarn for this bedspread looks lighter weight? What yarn did you use? It is really elegant and lovely. You are very talented.

    • Hello Crystal,

      The size of the crochet hook is 5.0 mm – a little too large for the yarn to create a loose fabric – the yarn is 100% acrylic.

      The yarn for the baby blanket is a mix of cotton and acrylic, so a little heavier in weight.

      Hope this info helps.
      Thanks for your sweet words, really nice to read.

      Hope you will have a fab weekend and success with crocheting!

  7. What a wonderful and amazing work !!!
    Congratulations from a Crochet beginner from Switzerland 🙂

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    I like the modern look of it with the asymmetrical design and the contrasting dark part.
    Chic as well as modern…
    You are really a champion in making blankets!

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