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crochet art project for marinke and a break

how good to see you again!

this will be my last blogpost…..  you can find more info at the bottom of this post.

crochet art project

first the news about marinke and the crochet art project organized by kathryn vercillo of crochetconcupiscence.com. below an excerpt from her newsletter of 4 july.


“you’ve likely already heard the sad news that crochet designer marinke “wink” slump of a creative being lost her life to suicide last week.

in the aftermath of hearing the news, i felt like i needed to do something to deal with my own grief and bring our community together so i’ve created the mandalas for marinke crochet art project in wink’s honor.
this crochet project is intended to celebrate the amazing creativity that wink brought to the world with her crochet. hopefully her crochet patterns can keep inspiring the world for many years to come.”
more info

if you like to participate, all info about the project you can find via this linkinfo about wink’s patterns for 9 mandalas including links to the patterns you can find here.  


below pictures of my version of wink’s standard mandala but i gave it a twist with some surface crochet and a different edge. i wanted to create something that is basic with a flowery character and this is the result. yesterday i sent it to america.used yarn is a combination of phil coton 3 and catania with crochet hook size 3.5 mm. 

wink’s free pattern for the standard mandala you can find via
by the way, you can click on the photos to see them in a larger size.


and then something about myself

in february 2011 i started blogging to have a sort of task. i have health problems since 1992, but in 2011 it was definite that i could no longer work. therefore, blogging was and is important to me but about the last six months – because of my health – i managed less often to write a blog post. it all became a little too much for me. luckily i still manage to crochet, make photos and publish them on instagram and i try to keep doing that. there you can find the pictures of the projects i am currently working on and other things. if you like, here is the link to my instagram feed


i don’t close the door because maybe my health improves in the coming months and i’ll be back posting. in the autumn of this year i will tell you whether i’m going to stop permanently or start blogging again.


there are a few things that i promised to do (like writing a how to for making a foldover bag) but this time i have to say sorry i can’t keep my promise.


for everyone who came to my blog for a visit and even wrote one or more comments: thank you a thousand times! it meant and means a lot to me, perhaps more than you realize.


please keep creating, crocheting, knitting, sewing, sculpting, painting, writing and more and thereby make our world an even more beautiful place to live.

take care!

———-joining ginny’s yarn along at small things———-



crochet lacy lilac scarf done

happy monday!

the lilac lacy scarf is finished and i am happy with the result. two balls of lilac and some mellow purple for the edge makes my very soft scarf complete.


used pattern, materials and some notes

if you like to make a similar scarf, below you will find the info. it is not a pattern, only the link to the diagram for the stitch pattern and some notes you can use as a guide. i copied and paste from my previous post(s) but it is more handy to find all relevant info on one page.


  • used pattern is number 2037 of mypicot.com and the route to find the diagram is: mypicot.com – openwork & lace. you can find it here and this is the direct link to the pdf
  • used yarn is katia peques acrylic yarn with crochet hook size 4.00 mm. more info about the yarn on the katia website.
some hopefully useful notes:
  • crochet as many chains you need to get the desired length and crochet some extra. after you did row 1 there will be some unworked chains, but you can remove them with a needle with a blunt tip and weave in the yarn end.
  • instead of 3 turning chains at the end of each row i made 2 chains.
  • at the beginning of each row i started with a linked dc my way: draw up a loop in the second ch from hook, draw up a loop in the first stitch of the row (is the last stitch of the previous row), 3 loops on hook (like you have when making a regular dc) and finish like making a dc.
    more info about linking stitches you can find on internet, there are many tutorials to find.
  • notice that you work into the chains and not into the spaces.
  • follow the diagram until your stole/scarf has the width you want.
  • end with a row 2, 4, 6 or 8 but i think row 6 gives the best result.
  • on the other side of the beginning chains i made row 6, 7 and 8, but it isn’t necessary. on this side you can just crochet a row 2, 4, 6 or 8 too.
  • for the edge i worked along the long sides like this: 1 sc in the double crochets and into the two chains between the double crochets, into the 6 chains i made 1 hdc, 4 dc, 1 hdc (you will understand when you look at the diagram and see row 2, 4, 6 or 8) at the end of the long side you make 1 ch and 1 hdc in the same stitch as the last stitch of the row.
  • at the beginning of a short side you start with a chain and then – divided equally along the short sides – you make 6 chains, 1 sc, 6 chains, ending with 1 hdc, 1 ch and 1 sc into the same stitch, this 1 sc is the first stitch of the other long side of the scarf. this way you work both short and both long sides.
  • i then cut the yarn and attached it again at a short side and made 1 sc in every sc and in every 6 chains 1 hdc, 4 dc, 1 hdc. at the end of the row, cut the yarn and repeat on the other short side of the scarf.

  • weave in yarn ends and you are done!
  • enjoy and until next time!

…by the way, this little bag i made years ago with poison green cotton yarn but with the same stitch pattern.

small crochet market bag by elisabeth andrée


crochet bag done and a shawl in the works

welcome! nice of you to stop by!

last week i made this supermarket bag for my brother and the question was: would he mind using it? gladly he likes the bag and wouldn’t mind using it at all. the body of the bag is made with catania color number 242 (anthracite) and the top and handles with phil coton 3 color number 54 (canard)


for the lilac shawl in the works (below) i – again – work with katia peques acrylic yarn, this time with crochet hook size 4.00 mm. the hue is a slightly lighter than the lilac of this stole/scarf.

for my current wip i also use a stitch pattern of mypicot and the route to find the diagram is: mypicot.com – openwork & lace – pattern number 2037. you can find it here and this is the direct link to the pdf

small side table

a project for the nearby future is a cover for the top of this small side table and i think i know what to make but i will tell and show you another time.

until then keep crocheting, knitting and all the other creative activities that makes the world a little more beautiful.

joining ginny’s yarn along at small things

thanks for visiting and hopefully until next time!


crochet stole in lilac and pink

nice to see you!

last week i posted a picture of a secret project but since it is finished and delivered to the person for whom i made it, you can see more photos. the stole/scarf is a birthday present for my cousin renée.

crochet lacy stole scarf on hanger by elisabeth andrée

in case you like to crochet a similar stole/scarf below you can find some brief info and the link to the stitch pattern. i didn’t make notes so i can’t write down the pattern for you, but hopefully the info is sufficient for you.


used materials:

katia peques, a very soft acrylic yarn, 2 balls pink (color number 941) and 2 ball lilac (color number 920) and i worked with crochet hook size 3.5 mm.

more info about the yarn on the katia website.

used stitch pattern:

the diagram for the stitch pattern you can find via this link or download the pdf here.

in case the links are not working or you like to see an explanation how to crochet the stitch pattern, this is the route: go to mypicot, choose multi-color and click on more patterns then look for pattern number 1014 – you will see this photo:

mypicot.com pattern number 1014

mypicot pattern number 1014

there you will find a tutorial with photos and a link to the diagram.


brief explanation how to make the stole/scarf
  • crochet as many chains you need to get the desired length and crochet some extra. after row one there will be some unworked chains, but you can remove them with a needle with a blunt tip and weave in the yarn end.
  • follow the diagram until your stole/scarf has the width you want.
  • for the edge i worked picots all around the stole/scarf, equally divided.
  • the picots i made like this: 1 sc in 1 chain space, 2 ch, 1 sc in 2nd ch from hook, 1 sc in next 1 ch space. make between the bows only single crochets and no picots to follow the waves. in the corners you make a picot and 1 sc into the same 1 ch space, 2 ch, picot, 1 sc in next 1 ch space.
  • as a detail i crocheted single crochets over a large pin followed by a row of slip stitches, then sewed some beads and a button onto it.
  • that is all the info about this project and i hope you like it!
    tip: to keep the stole/scarf straight it is recommended to work a few rows on the other side of the beginning chains. i did three rows and just followed the stitch pattern.


have a wonderful day!


crochet bags and a secret project

hello and welcome!

didn’t visit many blogs lately, sorry about that, i promise to do better 🙂

here are some pictures of two finished small crochet bags, one for my sister in law and one for me. they are made of look a like yarns, but it are different labels and the green is somewhat thicker than the teal colored one. the details are different too. the green is cotone of lana grossa and the teal is sunkissed of scheepjes. 

the secret project is finished too, it is washed and drying at the moment. once the project has been received by the person for whom it is intended, i show you proper pictures. 

there was no time this week to work on the orange blanket, but hopefully i will be able to pick up that project tonight.

joining ginny’s yarn along at small things

hope the rest of the week will be wonderful for you!

until next time!

crochet shopping bags by elisabeth andrée