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crochet bag done and a shawl in the works

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last week i made this supermarket bag for my brother and the question was: would he mind using it? gladly he likes the bag and wouldn’t mind using it at all. the body of the bag is made with catania color number 242 (anthracite) and the top and handles with phil coton 3 color number 54 (canard)


for the lilac shawl in the works (below) i – again – work with katia peques acrylic yarn, this time with crochet hook size 4.00 mm. the hue is a slightly lighter than the lilac of this stole/scarf.

for my current wip i also use a stitch pattern of mypicot and the route to find the diagram is: mypicot.com – openwork & lace – pattern number 2037. you can find it here and this is the direct link to the pdf

small side table

a project for the nearby future is a cover for the top of this small side table and i think i know what to make but i will tell and show you another time.

until then keep crocheting, knitting and all the other creative activities that makes the world a little more beautiful.

joining ginny’s yarn along at small things

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crochet projects done and work in progress

welcome! hopefully all goes well with you!

it’s been about three weeks since i last wrote a blog post. 

in recent weeks i finished the yellow vest and a new version of the orange spider bag.  

this time it has become the lilac spider bag with a different type of top and handles, but the stitch pattern is the same. at first the shape of the bag has not become what i had in mind, i put it in the closet and have not looked at it for a few days and now i actually think the bag looks fine. i still have some improvements to make and after that i will post a couple of new photos.

collage lilac spider bag by elisabeth andrée

the yellow shrug is also finished and as you can see it is not haute couture, but it wears very comfortable and feels so soft. i love the thing!collage yellow shrug by elisabeth andrée


a few years ago i worked on the blue diamonds blanket and although it is not quite done i want to do something similar.

diamonds blanket crochet and embroidery by elisabeth andrée

and maybe you can remember the baby blanket? see here for the pictures and pattern. i had made some variations on the stitch pattern of that blanket, please see here for the photos. the large dark gray blocks i like the most and that is the pattern i chose to make a blanket of only those fake squares.

collage blankets by elisabeth andrée

the new blanket will be a combination of the ideas of these three blankets.

the yarn is called opaline and it is phildar impact 6 and i crochet with hook size 6.5 mm. the color reminds me of sea glass and therefore i want to decorate the rug with colors that you can see on pictures of sea glass, see here or here

i still have a long way to go before the blanket is finished, but i find it quite fun to work on while imagine how i’m going to decorate it.

opaline blanket in the works by elisabeth andrée

that is it for today, the ‘how to’ for the foldover bag is coming, please be patient for a little while?

joining ginny’s yarn along at small things

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faux crochet again


a new week ahead, hope it will be a great week!

some of you are (already) really busy for christmas and i thought maybe i can help you just a little. last year i made some printable faux crochet stars which you still can find here and my post about christmas decoration to crochet including patterns and links to patterns which you can find here.

this weekend i made something new for you to print:

some of them are faux crocheted and some are more natural like plants or flowers. you can print them, cut and glew them on gifts or on cardboard and make a garland. you can decorate them with glittery thing or anything you like to do. maybe something nice to do with children or for yourself to relax.

here is the link to the document (pdf, 4 pages).

hope you will enjoy it! 🙂

i will be back later this week with some crochet.

thanks for visiting!


new photo exposition

come take a look! 🙂

it has taken a while, but you can now visit the newest ‘yarn through the lens’ expo  helga of vormbeeld.

four pictures with yarn starring! do you – like me – always have yarn leftovers, this expo gives with its own concept a different view on them. this is the shortest way to see the photos.

and did you not have the opportunity to see the other expositions you can find them via this link:


enjoy and hope to see you soon!


crocheting a round into a square

hello and welcome!

someone asked me how she could make a square of a round motif. this because she saw the tutorial for the another crochet square, a japanese circular motif of which i made ​​a square. 

my answer was/is: alas i can not say this is THE way or this is THE recipe, because there are multiple ways. if you have a favorite round motif which you want to turn into a square and you do not know which method you find most beautiful, i think it is best to practice and try out.  

a few years ago i learned it by crocheting many patterns to understand and then i started practicing to crochet rounds into squares. this cushion cover is the result and consists of those exercises combined with some patterns of others.

more info about this cover via this link


links to patterns

below you’ll see a small selection of links to patterns for squares which centers are round. 

some of the patterns are more complicated than others, but while crocheting it is advisable – i think – to look at the anatomy of the squares. some are made of a combination of short and (groups) of long stitches, some patterns contain more chains to make the corners and some are a combination of both. but they all are different.

just see what you like most, then you pick a round motif – i like to use the centers of doilies – and start counting.


yes counting, because if you want to make a square or rectangle, you need four corners, right? 🙂 

therefore the number of stitches of a round motif must be divisible by four. 

so i would say grab a ball of yarn with a suitable crochet hook and give it a try. 

have fun practicing! 


  1. squaring the treble circle by magda of pigtails
  2. tiny squares by elisabeth andrée
  3. ~ a ‘squircle’ ~ by debi y. of hooks and yarns
  4. retro circles – the tutorial by adele of three beans in a pod
  5. sunny spread crochet pattern by ellen k. gormley
    (and this is the link to the diagram)
  6. pop wheel by sarah london
  7. squaring the big circle tutorial by kate of signed with an owl
  8. flower garden granny square by hiromi of harujion design
  9. chrysanthemum square by betty barnden (written and diagram)
  10. latte macchiato by drops design
  11. circle of friends square by priscilla hewitt ©1999
  12. fresco lino pillow by pierrot (gosyo co., ltd)
    a japanese diagram pattern, links via ravelry to the japanese and english version
    UPDATE! i forgot these:
hope to see you soon!