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crochet bag done and a shawl in the works

welcome! nice of you to stop by!

last week i made this supermarket bag for my brother and the question was: would he mind using it? gladly he likes the bag and wouldn’t mind using it at all. the body of the bag is made with catania color number 242 (anthracite) and the top and handles with phil coton 3 color number 54 (canard)


for the lilac shawl in the works (below) i – again – work with katia peques acrylic yarn, this time with crochet hook size 4.00 mm. the hue is a slightly lighter than the lilac of this stole/scarf.

for my current wip i also use a stitch pattern of mypicot and the route to find the diagram is: mypicot.com – openwork & lace – pattern number 2037. you can find it here and this is the direct link to the pdf

small side table

a project for the nearby future is a cover for the top of this small side table and i think i know what to make but i will tell and show you another time.

until then keep crocheting, knitting and all the other creative activities that makes the world a little more beautiful.

joining ginny’s yarn along at small things

thanks for visiting and hopefully until next time!


faux crocheted stars


do you too think this is the time for stars, smaller or larger?

and it’s so nice to knit or crochet them. but what if you can’t knit of crochet or just do not have time to make them?

not to worry, here are three pages full of faux crocheted stars. you only have to click on the picture below to download the pdf, print the pages, cut out the stars en paste them on anything the way you like. there are multi-colored, uni-colored and off-white stars.

maybe you like this idea, i think it’s a great!


the stars are for personal use only, but most of all i hope you will enjoy them!

hope you will have a good start of the new week, see you soon!




pouches pouches pouches

old dish filed with pouches

old dish filled with pouches

hope you have a good start into the new week!

this weekend i have created some new pouches (yes i know, i repeat myself) but i was inspired by your comments.

you have written some nice suggestions, what do you think of these: 
  • container for pot pourri (held in piece of gauze) by blandina
  • blandina’s idea but with small (hotel) soaps by jeannette
  • great for keeping jewellery in them by thegrangerange
  • go-to for “thank you gifts” by barbara baker


more suggestions are welcome, feel free to write yours in a comment.
  • see previous post about the pouches here
  • and for the free pattern click here
see you soon!

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new photo exposition

it took a little while before i could present a new yarn photo exposition but today is the day.

i’m sure you will get happy when you look at the beautiful pictures of dutch roy & celine, who have their own and creative approach to yarn.

this is the link to their exposition


this is the link to the information about “yarn through the lens 

where you also will find the links to the expositions of anette and donatella.


yarn photo exposition button


jean paul gaultier crochet


i had the intention to give you an impression of the exhibition of jean paul gaultier in rotterdam, i visited early may. unfortunately, almost all of my photos are of such poor quality that i can not publish them, and besides, it was so crowded that often someone’s hand or head is on the picture instead of the design:)

a few pictures you see below (and for those who are not familiar with it, you can click on the pictures to view them in a larger size). 

i’ve searched for links which i think they match with some of the details on the pictures, the patterns are written or diagrams. of course there are many, many other patterns, this is only a small collection, scroll down the page to find the links.

hope you have fun with looking at the photos and the patterns!


have a great week!




freeform crochet