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new photos: “yarn wraps”

‘yarn throught the lens’

just received the photos for a new exposition, this time of anja. 

anja and i ‘met’ i think about two years ago on posterous, the platform where we had our blogs. after we both were moved to wordpress we have continued to follow each and a while ago i asked her if she wanted to make an exposition about yarn. i think she is a good photographer, doesn’t or hardly crochet or knit and because of it i was very curious about her look at yarn.

she has time invested in the creations she have made​​ especially for the pictures and the result is stunning i think. 

please visit her exposition and let us know what you think.

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yarn photo exposition


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new photo exposition

it took a little while before i could present a new yarn photo exposition but today is the day.

i’m sure you will get happy when you look at the beautiful pictures of dutch roy & celine, who have their own and creative approach to yarn.

this is the link to their exposition


this is the link to the information about “yarn through the lens 

where you also will find the links to the expositions of anette and donatella.


yarn photo exposition button


new photo exposition

yarn photo exposition

today i added a new  exposition with the photos of my italian blog friend donatella.
she is a diy fashion artist and one of the two winners of 
the contest crochet.

i invite you to take a look at her pictures, just click here.

do you like to read and see more info about the ‘yarn through the lens’ expositions,
you can find it 

thank you donatella wish you the best of luck!



yarn photo expositions

from today there is a special corner on my blog for permanent photo expositions of others. the expositions are creative representations of how someone sees yarn through the lens.

‘yarn through the lens

is the title and the subject of the expositions.

more about it you can read via this link, but you can also click on the bar at the top of the page, on the exposition button in the right colomn or on the picture below this text.

i really hope you enjoy the beautiful photos!

the first one who has an exposition is anette of lebenslustiger.com, click on the link to see her photos.
thank you anette and lots of success!

yarn photo exposition