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crochet contest: the winner


hello and welcome! 

i will keep you in suspense no longer. 

after careful consideration and many restless hours, i had a shortlist of four on wednesday, a short list of two on thursday and a short list of still two on friday… and the list has not become shorter. that means we have two winners!

i can tell you that the about crochet© contest is won by:

the button scarf of lindy kaden of lindy-who am i 

the use of two variations of the stitch pattern give this versatile scarf an interesting structure. a nice project for other crocheters because the scarf will be beautiful in any color, in thick or thin yarn. lindy’s presentation is well done.

the chain-link scarf of donatella of inspiration&realisation

an unusual scarf/cowl. her use of colors makes this project extra attractive, the presentation was well done and the post is written in a enthousiast way. donatella’s scarf/cowl seems to be a creative challenge for others.


congratulations lindy and donatella! 


if you like to, please grab the large and/or the small button for your blog.

as promised i pinned your projects onto my crochet board on pinterest.

thanks to all the participants for showing your crocheting skills to the rest of the world!

for a retrospect, you can visit the following pages:

9 thoughts on “crochet contest: the winner

  1. So amazingly unique! Very inspirational. :)I had fun participating! Thanks so much for hosting!

  2. Congratulations to Lindy and Donatella… definitely very well deserved! So glad I didn’t have to choose! Thanks for all the work you put in Elisabeth. :)x

  3. Congrats to you both!!! Truly inspiring projects!!! Great job!!

  4. Yah! Congratulations to the winners – they are both just gorgeous.So many clever people – it’s very inspiring 🙂 Kx

  5. Congrats to the winners! I’m glad I didn’t have to narrow it down, so many fun projects!

  6. Congratulations Donatella and Lindy, you’re both good winners!and congratulations to you too Elisabeth for this wonderful contest!!

  7. Congrats to the winners. Great crochet work! Well-deserved honor.

  8. Thank you! It was a fun project to do and I loved looking at everyone else’s designs.

  9. …. wowowwww!!! thanks Andrée!!!!! all the projects were beautiful and love the variations. thanks for picking mine!!