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crochet art project for marinke and a break

how good to see you again!

this will be my last blogpost…..  you can find more info at the bottom of this post.

crochet art project

first the news about marinke and the crochet art project organized by kathryn vercillo of crochetconcupiscence.com. below an excerpt from her newsletter of 4 july.


“you’ve likely already heard the sad news that crochet designer marinke “wink” slump of a creative being lost her life to suicide last week.

in the aftermath of hearing the news, i felt like i needed to do something to deal with my own grief and bring our community together so i’ve created the mandalas for marinke crochet art project in wink’s honor.
this crochet project is intended to celebrate the amazing creativity that wink brought to the world with her crochet. hopefully her crochet patterns can keep inspiring the world for many years to come.”
more info

if you like to participate, all info about the project you can find via this linkinfo about wink’s patterns for 9 mandalas including links to the patterns you can find here.  


below pictures of my version of wink’s standard mandala but i gave it a twist with some surface crochet and a different edge. i wanted to create something that is basic with a flowery character and this is the result. yesterday i sent it to america.used yarn is a combination of phil coton 3 and catania with crochet hook size 3.5 mm. 

wink’s free pattern for the standard mandala you can find via
by the way, you can click on the photos to see them in a larger size.


and then something about myself

in february 2011 i started blogging to have a sort of task. i have health problems since 1992, but in 2011 it was definite that i could no longer work. therefore, blogging was and is important to me but about the last six months – because of my health – i managed less often to write a blog post. it all became a little too much for me. luckily i still manage to crochet, make photos and publish them on instagram and i try to keep doing that. there you can find the pictures of the projects i am currently working on and other things. if you like, here is the link to my instagram feed


i don’t close the door because maybe my health improves in the coming months and i’ll be back posting. in the autumn of this year i will tell you whether i’m going to stop permanently or start blogging again.


there are a few things that i promised to do (like writing a how to for making a foldover bag) but this time i have to say sorry i can’t keep my promise.


for everyone who came to my blog for a visit and even wrote one or more comments: thank you a thousand times! it meant and means a lot to me, perhaps more than you realize.


please keep creating, crocheting, knitting, sewing, sculpting, painting, writing and more and thereby make our world an even more beautiful place to live.

take care!

———-joining ginny’s yarn along at small things———-



work in progress: crochet green pouf


today i have not very much work in progress to show you. yesterday i posted photos of and info about the crochet pyramid object you see on top of the pouf. it was a fun in between small job to do! my other crochet projects are calling me, like the bags and the 3-rows small squares, but they have to wait 😉

my green crochet pouf cover is almost finished only a few rows to go and some decorative stitches to do. hopefully it will be finished this weekend.


wip: green crochet pouf

wip: green crochet pouf



how about your projects?




hope you will have a wonderful day!




round rug

the round rug is ready!

round rug by elisabeth andrée

after i had used up the off white and light gray yarn the rug had the size of a large placemat. i saw it happen that a guest would pick up the thing of the floor and say, your placemat lies on the floor, where can i put it? therefore i started to crochet with the other colors of the same yarn and i have used up over 18 balls from my stash and the rug has a diameter of just over 90 cm. not very large but it is a nice size.


there is somewhat confusion caused by my complaining about the splitting yarn ‘light cotton’ of drops. the purple pouf i made of this yarn and that was fine to work with, at most, a bit stiff. then drops has renewed the yarn and created this splitting yarn. in my opinion no improvement, even though it contains more cotton.

on the left the old and on the right the new version

on the left the old and on the right the new version


if you want to make a round rug too, you can use my tutorial, see here for part 1. increase the number of stitches until the last row. but i have a tip for you to keep the rug completely flat. if the rug is getting larger than it may happen that at the edge it gets slightly wavy. if that’s the case, then crochet one row without increasing, after that row continue again with further increase like you did.

to complete this story about my round rug here some pictures of the details, just for fun. 

until next time!


gray pouf cover

hurray the gray pouf cover is finished! 

gray pouf by elisabeth andree

in an earlier post about the cover i had written that i had to work with two shades of a variegated yarn, but the effect is not bad at all. the circles were created themselves while crocheting.

i have this pouf made in the same way as the yellow floor cushion, the difference is that when i was almost at the side of the pouf, i stopped increasing the number of stitches.

both parts of the pouf cover i hooked together with the wrong sides facing each other and alternately crocheted a h dc into the edge of one half and then one h dc in the other half. the last part of securing the seam was tricky because the pouf is too large to hold in a handy way and crochet at the same time. well it worked – with a lot of moaning and grumbling i must admit. if i want to wash the cover, i have to detach a part of the seam and reconnecting when washed and dried.

what you think of the end result?

for the tutorial for the yellow floor cusion see:
see you next time!
gray pouf by elisabeth andree
gray pouf by elisabeth andreegray pouf by elisabeth andree





pouf – floorcushion


regarding my round project, did you write in a comment that i was going to make a large cushion? you had it right.

like many others i’ve wanted to make a pouf for a while. i have looked on the internet and saw many beautiful things. large (very nice!) floor cushions which are mentioned poufs, also real ones but those are often knitted.
i noticed that many of the covers for floor cushions are made by crocheting or knitting around the filling or cushion and therefore can not or not easily be taken off to be washed. the ability to wash my stuff is something that i find important. i have often hooked round things so i started working and this is what i’ve done the past few days.
to be continued…