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crochet project in the making



whilst i made three cushion covers and wrote the tutorial (see here), i was / am also working on a cover for a pouf.


i only wanted to use the variegated yarn that i started with, but i fell short and the yarn was sold out so i’ve taken the yarn that came the closest in terms of colors. now i’m over my disappointment, i think it is quite nice. the lighter shades flow slowly into slightly darker shades.


besides this, i also started something else and about that you can read another time. the blue diamonds blanket is waiting for me next to a bag i started last fall.


plenty to do and you?




7 thoughts on “crochet project in the making

  1. That is lovely – there’s something so appealing about subtle colours like that.

  2. wow! Love your covers…the color is great!

  3. Great job. No one but you will know the colors are not the same.

  4. Looks like the perfect combination of yarns to me. I think I like it better this way then I would with just variegated 🙂

  5. Hmm, fifty shades of Grey ;)Looks wonderful, will compliment any room.x

  6. Very classy with those subtle colours. lovely!

  7. I agree with Camilla, the effect is very elegant. I will be pleased to see the final result.