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purple pouf


did you have a good weekend? a new week has begun and i would like to show you something. this is from last tuesday…


… when i told that i had not enough yarn to finish the pouf. fortunately i remembered that during a sale i had purchased other colors of this type of yarn. unfortunately they did not matched the colors of the pouf except two: pink and off-white. i’d prefer the pouf made ​​entirely in purple shades and black, but i had only a little yarn in those colors left for no more than a few rows.

with two balls of each – pink and off-white – i could crochet just enough rows to make the cover large enough. it seemed that there was not enough yarn to make a closure too, but with some luck i could created this.


then it appeared that there were two buttons shortage but – luckily again – i had two transparent buttons making it not too noticeable that they differ from the others.


eind goed, al goed / all’s well that ends well.

what do you think of the pouf?

is it something you would like to crochet?


have a great week!


18 thoughts on “purple pouf

  1. I would like the pattern for this. great Idea.

  2. Hi Elisabeth!

    You can’t believe how relieved and happy I am, that you’ve moved your blog here to wordpress instead of quitting altogether! (Especially after the brief moment of shock when I read the headline “last blog post here” on my dashboard!)

    So, here I am – your new site is bookmarked and I’ll remain your faithful follower 🙂 And by the way: the layout and design are beautiful!!

    Of course I’d still love to have you as a guest blogger, too – and this way we could also let more people know about your change of address! You’re still in, girl? 😉

    Have a great week-end and lots of love from k-town,


    • Hello Barbara,
      Thanks so much for your sweet message. Sorry about the delay, I soon will mail you, OK? Don’t now if this reply will get into your inbox?
      Bye for now.

  3. I wonder when you find the time to crochet all this!Besides, you make it look easy: stitches, colours, shapes…do you ever make mistakes?!?!

  4. Well, that is making lemonade from lemons! If I didn’t know better, I would think you had planned the poof to include the pink and white all along! It turned out perfectly!.

  5. Love it! I think I am really going to have to come to you for some lessons!x

  6. Love your pouf!! Such great colour and a lot of work… WOW! 🙂

  7. Hi Andree. I love your pouf and the colours. From the side the pink, white and black reminds me of a liquorice allsort sweet! :)) Em x

  8. Hello Kylie,Thanks for your enthusiastic comment:)The pouf (70 cm) I bought at a Dutch webshop with the name Kussengigant (=Pillow Gigant). See for more info: http://kussengigant.nl/contents/nl/d81.htmlThanks again!

  9. I love the pouf. The button closure is beautiful.

  10. Hi Andr??e! This is fantastic! I love it 🙂 This is definitely something I’d like to crochet. Where did you find the filling / pouf? Kx

  11. Amazing!!! I like it 🙂

  12. Ik weet zeker dat mijn kattenbeesten het een geweldig idee zouden vinden als ik zo’n prachtpoef zou maken. En dan wel gelijk in tweevoud aangezien ze elkaar van de poef zouden vechten. Nogal jaloers aangelegd, die haarballen. 🙂 En het lijkt me ideaal voor de kinderen die hier over de vloer komen. Ik ben bang dat ik een wel heel hoge poef moet hebben wil ik een beetje charmant weer overeind komen. Eraf rollen is de andere optie. :)Dank je voor de link naar de kussengigant. Als we binnenkort naar Berlijn verhuizen ga ik zeker een paar kussen bestellen.Liefs uit Ierland

  13. Hi Elisabeth it is just adorable I would love one you are just so talented x

  14. Hi Elizabeth! Love it, looks like a giant macaron 🙂

  15. Hello Jill, Thank you so much for your sweet response! The pouf (70 cm) I bought at a Dutch webshop with the name Kussengigant (=Pillow Gigant). See for more info: http://kussengigant.nl/contents/nl/d81.htmlThanks again x

  16. I love it Andree! Your yarn shortage solution is great.. the pink and off-white do go well wth your original colours. I would love to make one of these if I could find a pouf like that.. where did you get it from? Hugs, Jill x