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hello, thanks for stopping by!

​​concerning my health the last weeks were poor, but last friday i went to the hague for a lunch with a friend. we had a pleasant conversation and good food, but this weekend was not good again. despite that my creative brain cells kept working and i invented all kinds of projects that i want to crochet. normally i’m working on multiple projects simultaneously, but never before with so many as now. i have no pictures of them yet, i will soon tell you all about it and show the photos.

splitting yarn

which brings me to my complaint about the yarn (cotton light drops) i wanted to use for a new pouf, but could not work with (see previous post). 

at the post about the small chrysanthemum rug, katharine wrote a comment “this is what i want in front of the sink. just a little softness underfoot and so pretty to look at.” and i thought that could be it! i grabbed the yarn and i started with a too large size crochet hook and this is the result. not very nice, not even for a carpet and on the way i came across this piece of yarn.


my impression is that with a larger size crochet hook than is stated on the label, you could work a little more easier with splitting yarn.

at this moment i’m trying this: double thread and that’s going pretty well and it is not as frustrating. so maybe soon i will have a new rug:)

keep you posted!
many beautiful projects can be found on the following websites:

17 thoughts on “splitting yarn

  1. Sorry you haven’t been feeling well, hope you are getting better. Having splitting yarn sounds very frustrating, I hope that you cope with it ok….the rug is looking great so far 🙂

  2. Splitting yarn can be so frustrating! I like the look and thickness of your doubled yarn. I have been wanting to crochet a big round rug for my living room, unfortunately I have this weird cat who thinks rugs are for peeing on!

  3. Fijn dat je toch nog iets kan met dat splijtende garen.
    Ziet er prachtig uit, dat grijs met wit. Heel sjiek!
    Maar het is inderdaad zwaarder haken.
    Gelukkig kun je afwisselen met je andere projecten!

  4. I hate splitty yarn… On the bright side. The grey/white color combo is really, really beautiful, and the stitch pattern looks gorgeous.

  5. Lovely rug! I hope you’ll feel better.

    This week I’m participating in KCBW4: http://mibruno.com/knittingdia3/

  6. I hope you have found the solution, how irritating that your yarn keeps splitting.

  7. I am sorry to hear that you are feeling under the weather. I hope that the bright sunny days will lighten your spirit and your load.

  8. Hope your health gets better. It isn’t good when you are working with yarn that keeps splitting. I have started using bamboo hooks as they don’t tend to catch as much but it’s really frustrating when you have a yarn that won’t cooperate. Love the rug! With a 6 year old son and a dog I can’t have anything as beautiful as that. 😦

  9. I love the colours! Cannot wait to see your other projects!

  10. I’m sorry to hear that you have not been well. Is this the same problem or something else on top? I do hope that you will have a better time ahead of you.
    Bimbi x

  11. Hoi Andrée! Leuk dat je zo geïnspireerd bent, het kleed ziet er al mooi uit. Ben benieuwd hoe groot het wordt. Ik vond het een hele leuke ervaring om samen koffie te drinken. Ik hoop dat het de komende tijd wat beter gaat met je gezondheid. Groetjes, Sandra

    • Hoi Sandra,

      Het is zeker voor herhaling vatbaar, prettig praten, een lekkere kop koffie en dan onze haakprojecten erbij. Misschien binnenkort.
      Het kleed wordt niet zo heel groot, ik heb vier bollen van elke tint. Het is zwaar voor mijn vingers met dit garen, maar het resultaat bevalt me wel.

      Hoop dat het goed gaat met jou en je gezin (bijna schoolvakantie?) en dank voor je bericht.

  12. Looks beautiful so far.

  13. The melange effect looks great: and how about complaining to the people that sold you the yarn? I mean… you didn’t pay with “splitting money” 🙂

  14. Beautiful! It looks great so far!

  15. You’ve given me an idea to crochet a kitchen rug for my Mom – thank you. 🙂

    I hope you feel better soon.