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work in progress: crochet green pouf



today i have not very much work in progress to show you. yesterday i posted photos of and info about the crochet pyramid object you see on top of the pouf. it was a fun in between small job to do! my other crochet projects are calling me, like the bags and the 3-rows small squares, but they have to wait 😉

my green crochet pouf cover is almost finished only a few rows to go and some decorative stitches to do. hopefully it will be finished this weekend.


wip: green crochet pouf

wip: green crochet pouf



how about your projects?




hope you will have a wonderful day!




15 thoughts on “work in progress: crochet green pouf

  1. I missed this post!!!! I really love both of them!!!!!
    xxxxxx ale

  2. Ik had de indruk dat je ‘driehoekkussen’ groter was en nu, bovenop de poef-in-wording, lijkt de poef dus immens groot!
    Maar hij wordt prachtig!

  3. Love the pouf and the triangle pillow both. Really beautiful!

  4. The green pouf is much bigger than I expected – whoah!

  5. Your pouf is impressing. Beautiful work!

  6. Oh wow, it’s stunning, that really is an impact project.

  7. Your pouf is beautiful and the colour is just stunning!

  8. Love the green pouf! Such a cute idea! 🙂

  9. this is one very cool project!!!!

  10. Love your pouf. Have you worked from the bottom up? Just wondering how you did those love section lines on top. It that where you’ve triangular sections together?

  11. I love this! Can’t wait to see it done ❤