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crochet pyramid shaped cushion with embroidery stitches

welcome, nice of you to visit my blog! 


the nutty pillow is waiting, unfortunately i did not have time and it is a little too warm to work on it. it is sunny and warm and it’s nice to go outside. 

work in progress the NUTTY PILLOW

work in progress the NUTTY PILLOW


yesterday afternoon and evening, i’ve worked on the mustard yellow scarf, only a few stitches to go and then i can weave in the yarn ends.

i do not think i be able to post part two of the tutorial on my blog this week, but maybe in the weekend or shortly thereafter.

wip crochet mustard yellow scarf

wip crochet mustard yellow scarf



pyramid cushion

what i have done is finishing the pyramid shaped crochet cushion with embroidery stitches. the pyramid is stuffed with leftover white acrylic yarn that i cut into pieces. 


it is also useful as a standard for my ipad on table or lap.


now i have three pyramids, all with a different look. 

if you like to make one too here is the link to the original idea and this is the link to the tutorial for the pyramid made with 2sctog.


  • ginny’s yarn along at small things

    see you soon!





    work in progress: crochet and embroidery

    how are you?! 
    since last week, no progress to show concerning my nutty pillow. i couldn’t work on it because i went for a weekend trip with my cousin renée to the north of the country and to visit my mother, who i had not seen for over a year. i had brought a small project with me to be able to crochet some stitches. it is the easiest stitch pattern i think and it will be a simple scarf.



    monday was unexpectedly sunny and warm and i sat in my garden making embroidery stitches ​​on my white pyramid in the works.






    later this week i hope to publish some explanations about how to crochet the stitch pattern of the mustard yellow scarf.

    i hope you will come along again!


    crochet pyramid with 2sctog tutorial

    how nice of you to come by!


    during one of the last days with a little sun i was crocheting in a corner of the garden and thought maybe i can make a tutorial.

    crochet 2sctog working in the sun

    crochet 2sctog working in the sun



    there were several people who showed interest (on my blog and instagram) and asked me about the white crochet stitches


    the white crochet stitches are 2sctog and like the 2hdctog i love to use them for bags because it creates a solid fabric. additionally it results in a grid that you can use for example embroidery stitches.


    the tutorial is not a detailed one, but a brief explanation with pictures of how to crochet 2sctog if you work in the round. unfortunately, a few pictures failed and some others are of poor quality, but i hope they are clear enough. i used leftover catania cotton yarn and crochet hook size 3.5 mm, acrylic yarn ends to stuff the pyramid and a needle with a blunt tip to close the edges. my pyramid measures about 9 x 9 cm.

    for the best result do not work too loosely.


    as always i use american english terms:

    ch = chains

    ss = slip stitch

    sc = single crochet

    2sctog = 2 single crochet together


    how to crochet 2sctog 

    first i like to say that the original idea of this pyramid shape is from lazy earthlings i only changed the single crochets into 2sctog.

    please follow the photos.


    1. make 21 chains and crochet 1 sc in the second chain from hook and into all subsequent stitches on both sides of the beginning chains, end with ss into first sc and make 1 ch.


    2a.  draw up a loop in same stitch as ss and in next stitch (see yellow arrows on photo), 3 loops on hook, yo and draw through loops on hook. *draw up a loop in same stitch and next stitch, 3 loops on hook, yo and draw through loops on hook*, repeat between * and * until end of row.


    2b. the last 2sctog of this row you make this way: draw up a loop in the last sc of the row, skip the ch and draw up a loop in the same stitch as you made the first 2sctog in, yo and draw through loops on hook, ss in first 2sctog, 1 ch.


    3. all the next rows: draw up a loop in same stitch as ss and in next stitch, 3 loops on hook, yo and draw through loops on hook. *draw up a loop in same stitch and next stitch, 3 loops on hook, yo and draw through loops on hook*, repeat between * and * until end of row. for the last 2sctog draw up a loop in the last stitch of the row, skip the ch and draw up a loop in the same stitch as you made the first 2sctog in, yo and draw through loops on hook, ss in first 2sctog. 1 ch.


    4. soon your work begins to turn, but just keep on crocheting and it will be fine again.


    5. if your work is approximately square, 9 x 9 cm, then do not ch at the end of the last row, cut the yarn but keep enough length to close the pyramid, put the yarn ends in it and close the pyramid by sewing the edges together, weave in the yarn end.

    as you can see when making your own, the pyramid is somewhat transparent and therefore i have chosen yarn ends in a similar color.


    6. pyramid is done! enjoy!



    until next time!



    work in progress: white crochet stitches



    although there are too many wips in my home already, i could not resist to start another pyramid shape, but this time in a version that fits in my interior. 

    the yarn is catania mercerized cotton, color number 0105 which is a white tone that is gentle to my eyes.  i work with hook size 3.5 mm and similar to the first pyramid shape i crochet quite tight. since the starting rows measure about 32 cm i still have about 20 cm to go and that are many stitches before i can start to embroider. because that is what the white stitches will be: a background for embroidery.

    on the pictures you can see them, all 2sctog (= 2 single crochets together)  and if you like an explanation how to make them please visit the tutorial for my spring bag and scroll down to the info for the top and handles. 




    that is all for today.
    love to join:


    thank you for visiting!




    crochet a different shape

    thanks for stopping by!


    the photo of these pillows i saw on etsy and i pinned here.

    Vintage Crochet Pattern PDF 257 Triangular Cushion Pillows

    the shape of the pillows is unusual and i think it is created by attaching two diamond shapes together. the pattern is for sale on etsy.


    i wanted to make a similar shape without increasing or decreasing the number of stitches and with only one side to close by sewing or crochet. of course you always have the points where rows begin and end unless you work in a spiral. 


    while looking for information i found and pinned a tutorial for sewing whimsical pillows and how to make a pyramid sachet.


    suddenly i remembered that i had pinned a picture of similar shaped toys that a blogger had made ​​for her dogs.

    Colorful Pyramid Toys by Lazy Earthlings

    on her blog she explains how she has made the little pyramids. she has no crochet pattern, but actually you do not need one,  just look at her drawing and photographs here



    i started a test project on basis of her information and this is the result: 

    crochet pyramid shape on side table


    it is very easy to do and if you’re like to make a liner you can use your crochet work – before you close it –  as a template on the fabric. 

    my pyramid is about 24-25 cm (width and heigth) and i have crochet very tight to create a solid fabric. then i stuffed it with white acrylic yarn. 

    the end result is very nice – if i may say so myself – and this size is very suitable for a small child to play and cuddle with or it can be a stylish object in an interior depending on the colors. it is washable, the outside is cotton (phil coton 3 and catania yarn) and the stuffing is acrylic (dries quickly). 

    once i have some time i will make a pillow with a mature size, but with different crochet stitches and type of yarn and with a lining. 


    below are a few pictures. 

    i’m curious what you think.

    hope to see you soon!


    crochet pyramid shape