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crochet pyramid shaped cushion with embroidery stitches


welcome, nice of you to visit my blog! 


the nutty pillow is waiting, unfortunately i did not have time and it is a little too warm to work on it. it is sunny and warm and it’s nice to go outside. 

work in progress the NUTTY PILLOW

work in progress the NUTTY PILLOW


yesterday afternoon and evening, i’ve worked on the mustard yellow scarf, only a few stitches to go and then i can weave in the yarn ends.

i do not think i be able to post part two of the tutorial on my blog this week, but maybe in the weekend or shortly thereafter.

wip crochet mustard yellow scarf

wip crochet mustard yellow scarf



pyramid cushion

what i have done is finishing the pyramid shaped crochet cushion with embroidery stitches. the pyramid is stuffed with leftover white acrylic yarn that i cut into pieces. 


it is also useful as a standard for my ipad on table or lap.


now i have three pyramids, all with a different look. 

if you like to make one too here is the link to the original idea and this is the link to the tutorial for the pyramid made with 2sctog.


  • ginny’s yarn along at small things

    see you soon!



    19 thoughts on “crochet pyramid shaped cushion with embroidery stitches

    1. Love the embroidery touch!

    2. The embroidery sure adds a lot to this. I love your work.

    3. busy busy busy!!!! and so many things tumbling from your hook finished! love the pyramid pillow—–such a versatile little item!

    4. Love it! The colour choice is inspired, tempted to give this a go!

    5. Gaaf hoor, die kussens. Ook heel mooi met het borduursel. Groetjes, Sandra

    6. Cute! What kind of yarn is in that first picture of your work in progress pillow? I really like how it looks!

    7. I love the use of the pyramid cushion! Love that mustard colour.

    8. Stunning as always 🙂

    9. The pyramid cushion is too cool!! It’s so inspiring!!

    10. Your pyramid pillow is very nice – love the embroidery stitches. Clever idea to use it to hold up your ipad. 🙂

    11. what a fun project……I love all the colors!!!

    12. I love the embroidery you’ve added to your latest cushion!

    13. always really productive Andre’e!!! your new pyramid cushion is such a clever idea and the scarf is so cool!!!!!
      …..enjoy the lovely weather and crocheting when you can!!!!
      xxxxxx Ale