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work in progress: white crochet stitches




although there are too many wips in my home already, i could not resist to start another pyramid shape, but this time in a version that fits in my interior. 

the yarn is catania mercerized cotton, color number 0105 which is a white tone that is gentle to my eyes.  i work with hook size 3.5 mm and similar to the first pyramid shape i crochet quite tight. since the starting rows measure about 32 cm i still have about 20 cm to go and that are many stitches before i can start to embroider. because that is what the white stitches will be: a background for embroidery.

on the pictures you can see them, all 2sctog (= 2 single crochets together)  and if you like an explanation how to make them please visit the tutorial for my spring bag and scroll down to the info for the top and handles. 




that is all for today.
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9 thoughts on “work in progress: white crochet stitches

  1. Love the texture, and your pyramid pillows look so fun. You have wonderful ideas!

  2. I followed the link about the pyramid shapes – such a clever design! I love it!

  3. The texture is amazing! And I really like it all in white.

  4. I love the look of this..

  5. Beautiful neat stitiches.

  6. That looks amazing – and the pictures are beautifully simple! The texture must be lovely.

  7. It’s a very interesting stitch and your first, I don’t understand 😉 I think the reason is my limited English and I can’t imagine this moment. Maybe later … Have a good time! Sabine.