elisabeth andrée

about crochet


my name is anette and i live in the countryside of northern germany with my husband and two children. i am a professional product designer, i started my online jewelry shop and blog lebenslustiger.com in 2011. my blog shares ideas, inspiration and my own photos and styling about lifestyle, travel, family and diy’s.

for this exposition the focus lies mainly on the material and i wanted to create something which would truly show the beauty and esthetic of fabric yarn. this yarn fascinates me because i feel there is a lot of creative potential in it and this is very inspiring to me plus i like the idea of using recycled material.

(click on the pictures to see them in larger size)




10 thoughts on “anette

  1. Hi I am from Australia .Where do you buy the recycled cotton?.Do you make your own.?Or can one make there own?I cut up t/shirts sometime to make bath mats.Nice display

  2. Hi is there any way of teaching how to do this? Absolute beginner! Its beautiful !!

  3. Great photos, colors and depth of field!

  4. Such sweet colors!

  5. Beautiful work!

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