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crochet stole in lilac and pink


nice to see you!

last week i posted a picture of a secret project but since it is finished and delivered to the person for whom i made it, you can see more photos. the stole/scarf is a birthday present for my cousin renée.

crochet lacy stole scarf on hanger by elisabeth andrée

in case you like to crochet a similar stole/scarf below you can find some brief info and the link to the stitch pattern. i didn’t make notes so i can’t write down the pattern for you, but hopefully the info is sufficient for you.


used materials:

katia peques, a very soft acrylic yarn, 2 balls pink (color number 941) and 2 ball lilac (color number 920) and i worked with crochet hook size 3.5 mm.

more info about the yarn on the katia website.

used stitch pattern:

the diagram for the stitch pattern you can find via this link or download the pdf here.

in case the links are not working or you like to see an explanation how to crochet the stitch pattern, this is the route: go to mypicot, choose multi-color and click on more patterns then look for pattern number 1014 – you will see this photo:

mypicot.com pattern number 1014

mypicot pattern number 1014

there you will find a tutorial with photos and a link to the diagram.


brief explanation how to make the stole/scarf
  • crochet as many chains you need to get the desired length and crochet some extra. after row one there will be some unworked chains, but you can remove them with a needle with a blunt tip and weave in the yarn end.
  • follow the diagram until your stole/scarf has the width you want.
  • for the edge i worked picots all around the stole/scarf, equally divided.
  • the picots i made like this: 1 sc in 1 chain space, 2 ch, 1 sc in 2nd ch from hook, 1 sc in next 1 ch space. make between the bows only single crochets and no picots to follow the waves. in the corners you make a picot and 1 sc into the same 1 ch space, 2 ch, picot, 1 sc in next 1 ch space.
  • as a detail i crocheted single crochets over a large pin followed by a row of slip stitches, then sewed some beads and a button onto it.
  • that is all the info about this project and i hope you like it!
    tip: to keep the stole/scarf straight it is recommended to work a few rows on the other side of the beginning chains. i did three rows and just followed the stitch pattern.


have a wonderful day!

22 thoughts on “crochet stole in lilac and pink

  1. Sorry for my english! Your stole is very nice ! il love it ! And your colors is mine !

  2. Its beautiful. Delicate but modern. Perfect.

  3. oh you did a very nice work, thank you for sharing the pattern 🙂

  4. as usual, you made such a lovely and beautiful work !!!! What was the reaction of your cousin ?????
    have a great week, xxxxx Ale

  5. What a beautiful design and color choices, Elizabeth.

  6. I love the way the two colors complement each other, it makes the scarf very elegant!

  7. It’s beautiful Elisabeth! Thank you for sharing your project details. ♡

  8. It’s beautiful!! I love the how each ‘half’ is a different colour. I would never have thought to do that. It makes such a unique finish. Thank you for sharing.

  9. Thank you for posting the pictures, the links and the notes. The links work fine for me.
    I like the stitch pattern very much, so I might use it after I finished the summer blanket! 😉

    • Thank you Estella! Your blanket in the works look really special but I know it won’t be finished by tomorrow 😉 This pattern will wait patiently for you and your hook!
      Thanks again!

  10. This stole is absolutely lovely! I think it would make a beautiful Mother’s Day gift for my mom.Thanks so much for sharing .