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wip crochet blanket and crochet bag done

hello, how are you?!

we are halfway the week already, time to show some crochet work. still working on my opaline blanket, it is 8 blocks wide and almost 7 block high, that means 1 row of blocks to go. next i will start with the border and thereafter it is finally time for the embellishments.

crochet opaline blanket in the works

small bag in sweet colors

last week i made a small bag of a leftover square and i think/hope the youngest daughter of friends is interested in it.

here are some photos, hope you like to take a look at them?

ginny’s yarn along at small things
hope to see you soon, thanks for visiting!

top small crochet bag by elisabeth andrée



crochet work in progress 2014

hello dear friends!

thank you for visiting while you must be busy ! or maybe not 🙂

this blogpost is the last one of 2014 but i think i will keep posting pictures on instagram

there are some projects that i still didn’t finish and i know some of you are waiting for the explanations. a promise is a promise, the ‘how to’ for the foldover bag (photo top right) and the scarf/cowl (photo top left) will be available here on my blog.

the large floor cushion and the nutty pillow are also waiting.

work in progress 4 projects by elisabeth andrée

at the moment my home is a mess because i am rearranging things and that gives much hassle. there is not much crochet activity because of that and because my fingers are very sore. but you know me, i can’t stop and with thick yarn and a large hook size i can do some crocheting. the soft yellow yarn is katia alaska, a very soft acrylic and i am in love with it. info about the stitches you can find here.

work in progress yellow crochet shrug by elisabeth andrée

goodbye 2014!
i do hope you will have a wonderful holiday season, with many festive activities or just a happy quiet time.
thanks for visiting my blog this year, i really appreciate each lovely comment!
thank you! 

until 2015, stay safe!!!

yellow katia stitches close up


small foldover crossbody bag

lovely it’s almost weekend, nice of you to stop by:)

the small bag is completed and it has a lining with a pocket i made from a piece of fabric which has fake worn out spots, i bought it years ago on the local market.

small foldover crossbody bag


for the bag i used a combination of yarn: phildar coton 3 and catania.

the stitches i used and some info about the details:
  • for the body of the bag i worked in the round 2 single crochets together
  • for the foldover part: half double crochets
  • for the handle a combination of half double crochets and slip stitches
    the handle formes the bottom of the bag and the ends i attached to each other at the top  and then decorated it with a similar crocheted piece
  • also 2sctog for the back pocket but because i worked back and forth and not in the round, the surface looks different
  • for the closure only  slip stitches and on the corners i attached tiny silver clasps
  • two pretty white buttons, a find on the local market also, and my bag is ready.


i’m curious to your opinion…

here are the the pictures, sorry about the poor quality, but i hope you can see the details.

 wish you a very enjoyable weekend!
the handle
the closure and details of the stitches


for more creativ projects see these links:


black bag with brown edge and handles

finally after many months my bag is ready. well ready ….. i do not want to line it, but actually it is really necessary to do.


the bag has a square bottom and for the handles i made tunnels. to close the bag, i have created two button closures. when the bag is full of goodies, then it is possible to unfold the first closure and then an additional buttonhole can be used (see photos below).

if I’m honest, i like the bag but it is not really my thing, for me that is one reason to make another bag… some day. maybe with this bag i can make someone else happy.

here are some pictures for you to look at, unfortunately the brown color does not look very well on the photos.

have a great weekend!


WIP – bag and scarf



here you see two of my WIP crochet projects. 
a shoulder bag

made of black and taupe acrylic yarn with a touch of mercerized cotton in the same shade. i just need to sew the tunnels and two buttons and crochet a closure. i don’t think i will line the bag.

sorry for the unclear pictures.
the crochet strings-knot-necklace 
(see here) in a somewhat warmer version, so it is more a scarf or cowl. i only have two pieces to attach to the strings and then it is ready. the strings together are too thick to make a knot (it would give a big knot just below my chin, which would cause funny scenes when eating tomato soup for example) but i’ve thought of something else.
that i’ll show you next time.