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floral weekend wishes



it has finally stopped raining and the sun is shining again, hopefully we will have a sunny weekend. i’ve a toothache for over a week now, but monday i will see the dentist, a new dentist who i have not seen or spoken yet. i’m sure you can imagine i’m a little nervous:( please wish me luck!


but let’s us talk about crocheting

last week i sent a package to my brother and his girlfriend, containing crocheted stuff. they have received it, so i can publish the photos today. i’m curious what you think of the end result? let me know, if you like?


cushion cover with white and gray side on chair, pothanger on the wall



closure with transparant blue buttons


flower and buds

something completely different. maybe, just maybe you can remember this post of june 21, 2013 (also with weekend wishes!) with photos of my blooming succulent.

and i am happy to tell and show you that the same plant has several buds, so soon it will bloom again. that is good news, don’t you think?



that is it for this week, but below you will see a floral greeting from my brother ernst and his girlfriend mari to you with flowers from their garden.


joining: creative friday at natural suburbia


from me happy weekend and i hope to see you soon again!
pothanger with flowers

pothanger with flowers





plants and weekend wishes


to be honest, i can’t show a finished project today, because i still work on the blanket that i make of the lacy with dot squares. but because it is friday, i would like to wish you a lovely weekend. 

do you mind to look at some photos i made of my new friends? 🙂 

earlier this week i went for a walk because it was beautiful weather and i passed a station, where also is a flower shop. the kiosk is under the station and therefore dark and very windy. there were a number of plants shivering from the cold, and i have a few ‘saved’, two houseplants, a garden plant and some bulbs. at home the garden plant and the bulbs i have placed in the hall near the front door, the house plants i have put in larger pots and fresh soil.

in the upper gallery one plant is a hanging plant and the other is a succulent, but i have no idea what their names are. if you do, i would love it if you tell me in de comment section.



joining: creative friday at natural suburbia

end of the week, wish you a lovely weekend!



bright blue, a plant and orange


nice of you to come to meet my new household member, it’s name is senecio (full name: senecio rowleyanus). 

for a while i wanted such a plant, and when i was recently at a garden center, i bought one. i think it is a beautie:)

more info about the plant in dutch or in english



also i have tulips, yellow and red striped ones this time.

tulip yellow and red close up


bright blue and orange 

and i crocheted two small squares between working on my black blanket and pastel lacy blocks.

the bright blue square on the photo is made of cotton with crochet hook size 2.5 mm and the orange one of mercerised cotton with crochet hook 2.0 mm.

after months of crocheting with acrylic yarns and larger sizes hooks i had to get used to working with thinner hooks again, but i liked it. it is nice to see how different squares look when using different kind of yarns and colors, don’t you think?

if you have mist the post with the explanations how to make them, see here.


soon more info about my work in progress.
have a lovely day!



cats, crochet and flowers

how are you? hope it goes very well! 

it’s time for an update, although i have not much crochet work to show you. 



first of all this: i received an email in which was written: 

“Hi Andrée,

These are Zoef and Dopje on your crocheted rug. It is not often that they lie against each other …”

Zoef and Dopje on crocheted rug

cute cats! i don’t know for sure but i think the darkest one is dopje:)

more about the small rug you can find via these links including the link to the pattern for the square.

  1. wip-on-the-floor
  2. small-crochet-rug



in my previous post i wrote about ‘red’ hyacinths and the red appears to be a bright pink hue, a pretty pink but not red. the other hyacinths are all very beautiful too i think.


simultaneously with the hyacinths i had bought an amaryllis and the last few days the flowers showed their true beauty.




the blanket that i make from squares is already well advanced and at the moment i am crocheting with pink along the short sides. i will tell you more about it in the nearby future.


this was it for today, i wish you a happy and creative week!



nuts about crochet

hello sweet visitor!

it is time to show you some of my crochet projects in the works and i am aware that at the end of this post you might think: ‘she is nuts, crochet nuts’:)


these are five bags, some of which are almost ready.

5 crochet bags in the make

in the short term, i have no time to provide the storage bag with the fishes with a liner. therefore i soon will work out and publish the tutorial and a picture of the final result you will see at the end of the year. i guess you don’t mind? those of you who want to crochet the bag , can start the project.


this shall be a bedspread for my mother, i’m not even halfway.

 crochet project by elisabeth andrée

a few months ago i made this blanket with color blocks for her, she liked the colors but not the size. she was not sure what to do with it because it was too small for her bed. i explained to her she could drape it over the bed end or couch or if it was cold to wrap around her. with my current project i will make sure the size is appropriate for her bed.


this blanket i partly ripped out because, in retrospect, i found it not very beautiful. i doubt a little how i’m going to make a blanket of it again, so this story is also to be continued.

crochet blocks

and therefore i now have an old crochet blanket over the bed end. it was actually nominated to go to the thriftstore or animal shelter but after freshening up in the washing machine it is on the bed end again.


you can find the pattern for the lacy with dots squares here


at the end of this post some pictures of beautiful pink lilies, although they smell very strong….

be sure to take a look at tami’s and ginny’s websites for some beautiful creativity!

have a nice day!