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floral weekend wishes




it has finally stopped raining and the sun is shining again, hopefully we will have a sunny weekend. i’ve a toothache for over a week now, but monday i will see the dentist, a new dentist who i have not seen or spoken yet. i’m sure you can imagine i’m a little nervous:( please wish me luck!


but let’s us talk about crocheting

last week i sent a package to my brother and his girlfriend, containing crocheted stuff. they have received it, so i can publish the photos today. i’m curious what you think of the end result? let me know, if you like?


cushion cover with white and gray side on chair, pothanger on the wall



closure with transparant blue buttons


flower and buds

something completely different. maybe, just maybe you can remember this post of june 21, 2013 (also with weekend wishes!) with photos of my blooming succulent.

and i am happy to tell and show you that the same plant has several buds, so soon it will bloom again. that is good news, don’t you think?



that is it for this week, but below you will see a floral greeting from my brother ernst and his girlfriend mari to you with flowers from their garden.


joining: creative friday at natural suburbia


from me happy weekend and i hope to see you soon again!
pothanger with flowers

pothanger with flowers




15 thoughts on “floral weekend wishes

  1. The cushion cover is beau…………tiful. Love the jewel color in one row.

  2. Great design idea for the cushion 🙂

  3. De kussenovertrekken zijn mooi geworden!
    Goeie keus om de vierkanten zo te rangschikken.
    Een klassiek idee in een modern jasje.
    Leuk om te zien hoe je door omstandigheden (beperkte hoeveelheid van sommige kleuren garen) tot zo’n goed resultaat komt.
    (Sterkte bij de tandarts. Ik heb donderdag een afspraak, maar ik heb geen kiespijn. Wel brak er onlangs een stuk van een kies, tijdens het tanden poetsen, dus dat is ook niet zo geweldig.)

  4. Ik volg je al een tijdje en hou ontzettend van je kleurkeuzes en vormen, wat leuk dat je mij nu ook volgt! Dank. Ik vind het kussen prachtig en die pothangers van jou zijn zo leuk dat ik ze ook wel wil maken! Nu snel van de pijn af en dan lekker genieten van al het moois waarmee je bezig bent. Groet Sandra

  5. Enjoy the weekend! Regula

  6. Good luck for Monday. I love the cushions, and how you used variegated yarn against a grey background. Really pretty.

  7. The pot hanger looks beautiful. I love the big daisies in it. And I really like the cushion cover. The colour combinations are really very modern.

  8. Grrrr I hope you are chewing on some painkillers until Monday! Super cushions and pot hangers, lucky brother!

  9. I wish you luck for next monday:) Ik vind het kussen aan beide zijden even mooi….. groeten Francien

  10. Good luck I don’t like the dentists ,lovely pot hanger

  11. I wish you all the best at the dentist. The gifts for your brother and his girlfriend are very pretty. 🙂

  12. I’m not fond of going to the dentist so can understand you nervousness at seeing someone new. Good luck!
    I love succulents too. The rain has at last stopped here and hopefully the sun will be out this weekend. I might do a post on my succulents to show you.
    Have a lovely weekend. Good luck with the tooth. Tooth ache is beastly. x

  13. I’ve been to the dentist this morning, instead!!!!!! ;oD I’ll be thinking of you next Monday, promise!!!
    Your cushion cover is so so gorgeous!!!!!!
    xxxxxxxx Ale