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today an update completely dedicated to blankets.


last week i told you about the yellow picnic blanket, that went well until i had run out of my 3 balls. i only have 8 squares and a little and at this moment the store has no new yellow yarn for me to buy, except neon yellow. i wait another week, otherwise i think of a solution.

yellow blanketyellow blanket


the blocks blanket is almost finished, a somewhat unusual blanket. it has two halves and along one long side, i have made small buttonholes ​​and on the other half i need to fasten these little buttons. then the blanket is ready.

button blocks blanket

it is freshly washed and…

blocks blanket

 it looks like this when it is draped over my bed.

blocks blanket

friday i started a small blanket for my mother, she wants something new but don’t know which colors she likes to have. these squares are crocheted of acrylic yarn, partly from my stash, some newly purchased.

the squares are again – like the doggie blanket – made ​​with the pattern for the colorful blanket, only this time seven instead of four rows. because it is such a simple pattern, i can play with the color palettes.

blanket for my mother blanket for my mother

the coming days i first finish the blanket for my mother and then i’ll see. i’ll keep you informed:)
have a nice day!


18 thoughts on “blanket blanket blanket

  1. Your blanket and this style is nice! 🙂 Earlier I wasn’t able to comment on a WordPress blog, I fixed it couple of days back with my other mail I’d. I missed lot of pretty things here.
    Your images are always bright and clear, how do you take those?

    • Hello sweet Preetiraj,
      Thank you for your sweet comments, I am happy with them:)
      The photos on my blog I made with an inexpensive digital Canon camera, without flashlight and often macro. I’m not a good photographer at all but I like to try to get photos as clear as I can.
      Thanks again for visiting and your kind words!

  2. Lovely colour combinations you’re using.

  3. Your blankets are lovely

  4. Oh, it’s so frustrating when you can’t get more of the yarn you need, isn’t it?
    I love all of the greens you’re using.

  5. Let’s hope your yarn store stocks more yellow yarn soon! I love the combination of the yellow and greys!

  6. All of these blankets look great, but I especially love the green and white. Looking forward to seeing how the buttons fit in.

  7. Wow!! Your blankets are so stylish!! I like them a lot!!

  8. Those all look gorgeous! I love the green and the white 🙂

  9. I love the blocks blanket 🙂

  10. you have a very neat style, I like it!!!
    xxxx Ale

  11. Wow I love the colors you have chosen for all of these afghans. They photograph so well!

  12. Hi, love the different stitches you have used on the two halves blanket it makes it look very interesting, also love the start of your mums blanket. I mostly make blankets so it is good to see different ideas. Rowen@Coastal Colours x

  13. I love your colours with the yellow, very refreshing!

  14. Blankets are my favourite things you are so clever – I love your mums blanket
    Sue x

  15. lovely color…. i love this yellow color

  16. The 2 halves blanket sounds interesting – can’t wait to see the button detail when it’s finished. Your Mom’s blanket is looking very pretty. 🙂