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hello sweet visitor!

it is time to show you some of my crochet projects in the works and i am aware that at the end of this post you might think: ‘she is nuts, crochet nuts’:)


these are five bags, some of which are almost ready.

5 crochet bags in the make

in the short term, i have no time to provide the storage bag with the fishes with a liner. therefore i soon will work out and publish the tutorial and a picture of the final result you will see at the end of the year. i guess you don’t mind? those of you who want to crochet the bag , can start the project.


this shall be a bedspread for my mother, i’m not even halfway.

 crochet project by elisabeth andrée

a few months ago i made this blanket with color blocks for her, she liked the colors but not the size. she was not sure what to do with it because it was too small for her bed. i explained to her she could drape it over the bed end or couch or if it was cold to wrap around her. with my current project i will make sure the size is appropriate for her bed.


this blanket i partly ripped out because, in retrospect, i found it not very beautiful. i doubt a little how i’m going to make a blanket of it again, so this story is also to be continued.

crochet blocks

and therefore i now have an old crochet blanket over the bed end. it was actually nominated to go to the thriftstore or animal shelter but after freshening up in the washing machine it is on the bed end again.


you can find the pattern for the lacy with dots squares here


at the end of this post some pictures of beautiful pink lilies, although they smell very strong….

be sure to take a look at tami’s and ginny’s websites for some beautiful creativity!

have a nice day!


WIP: storage bag

hello and welcome!

the storage bag for a baby room is finished…

… not really…

… but i only have to do the lining.

below you can see a few photos. 

and more info about the bag you will find soon here on my blog. 


on which project are you working?





wip: storage bag and more

nice to see you, hope you are fine!

with my storage bag for a baby room i’m not very advanced. the handles and ribbons are finished, but i still have all the yarn ends to weave in. the application motifs i have almost finished, i want to sew eyes on some of them and then i have to attach everything onto the bag. 


green waves

also i started on a new project with the 20 balls of cotton yarn i recently bough on a sale (because i don’t have enough yarn already and because i don’t have enough unfinished projects yet;)) and i think that green is so delicious.

i have spent hours and hours on finding a suitable pattern but eventually i decided to crochet a simple wave pattern because that gives – again – the best effect. 

the intention is that it will be a large piece of fabric that is suitable for draping.

it is a convenient project because i can pick it up and crochet a few rows between working on my other projects and my daily things.

new project, green yarn

and you, do you work on 1 or more projects? 




baby things 2

how are you?

despite the warmth i can still crochet, especially in the evenings.

the baby blanket is almost finished and it feels so soft, i only have to weave in the yarn ends. i can send it as soon the baby is born.


the pattern for the blanket can be found  on my blog soon.


at the moment i’m working on the handles of the storage bag for a baby room (another baby),  then i’m going to decorate the bag with ….


please take a look at:
until next time!