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lacy with dot squares in soft tones


welcome on this sunny wednesday!

are you busy? i am working hard on the lacy with dot squares in various soft hues.

last week i thought that it all looked too sweet and i wanted to make the whole spicier with bright orange, now i doubt.

at the moment i have four squares with bright orange dots and i think they actually are a sort of jammers. i love the color, but it doesn’t seem to fit in.

what is your opinion about it?  share if you like in the comment section.

pretty or not pretty, that is the question;)


joining this project:


it is very sunny weather here where i live and it looks like it is spring already and i totally like that! so i am going for a walk (and to the supermarket). hope everything is fine for you and that it is sunny at you place too!

see you soon!



16 thoughts on “lacy with dot squares in soft tones

  1. I think it would be easier to see if they were ok if you had them mingled in with the rest….individually though the orange does seem a bit vibrant compared to the rest of your colour palette. Beautiful squares though!

  2. I like the orange. In fact, I like everything about this blanket. It is a nice reminder that Spring is on its way.

  3. The 4 squares with the bright orange are not the ones that are laid out with the other squares in the larger blanket picture, or are they? (it may be due to my screen or a difference between photos, but the center-square-orange in the blanket picture seems less bright than the center-square orange in the big picture). If the 4 squares with the bright orange are not yet laid out in the larger blanket picture, then I would try adding them and see what it looks and feels like. If they are already in the larger blanket picture, then it looks fine to me. I hope I’m making myself clear, it’s a bit hard to explain what I mean…

  4. I’m not sure about the orange with the other colours. It’s a really fun colour but I don’t think it goes as well as the other shades do. I love how your blanket is looking though and I’m sure if you do decide to include the orange you’ll make it work beautifully 🙂

  5. I am not sure about the orange. It does jump out at you so it depends what overall effect you want. If you want the colours to blend then don’t use it, if you want one colour to pop out at you then I wouldn’t us the orange!

    It looks lovely.

  6. These are brilliant! Such a great idea!

  7. The pattern is beautiful. May i print them. i want to make a blanket for my niece.

  8. I like the squares, but I think the orange might be a little too bright for the rest of the pastel squares. It’s your blanket though, so you should put them in if you like them. 🙂

  9. I really like the orange! I think it really adds to the depth of colour.

  10. If the colors are fairly true…..I love it! I think the orange really makes it ‘pop’!!!

  11. i really like the orange. it pops! and it is such a happy color.

  12. soooo pretty.

  13. I like it. The orange makes the blanket vibrate a little more, makes it a little more interesting.