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small crochet rug


the floor mat is ready and washed. on the top picture you can see that i’ve pinned it still damp onto my poor couch. 

chrysanthemum rug


on the bottom picture you can see how the rug could look on the floor in front of a bed. i have no anti slip mat fixed to it, because if someone has carpet it is not necessary to do. if someone has a slippery floor i can give a piece of the anti slip together with the rug.

it is very wet and cloudy weather therefore the photos look so bad.

chrysanthemum rug

on my previous post i got a few comments about a crochet rug on the floor, but i think that is a fine in a child’s bedroom. when family or friends came/come to visit me with small children i often put a crocheted blanket on the floor to play on. and if i think it is boring for small children to lunch at the table, i put a blanket on the floor and we go for a ‘picnic’. that’s always fun.
this was it for today, wish you a great weekend!


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18 thoughts on “small crochet rug

  1. It looks great! Like Martina I love the cushion too!

  2. What a beautiful little rug Elisabeth! And I totally agree – picnics are far more fun than eating up at a table – my girls and I have lots in the school holidays!

    Thanks for linking to a Round Tuit!
    Hope you have a fabulous week!
    Jill @ Creating my way to Success

  3. Beautifully put together love the colors

  4. This is a lovely idea, great for children as you say 🙂 I might give something like this a try 🙂

  5. Lovely rug – the colors are great! I sympathize with the dark weather – it makes taking crochet photos so hard. This spring has been very dark here too and my photos never turn out quite as I would like!

  6. Please can we all come for a picnic on your very beautiful rug it is just lovely x

    • Haha, when you are in Holland you are very welcome, but you may sit at the table or on a larger picnic blanket:) Thank you for your nice comment:) Have a lovely weekend!

  7. Like the colours together. Nice as always. I also like that lovely cushion you have on the sofa. Have we seen it before?

    Bimbi x

    • Hello Martina,
      Thank you, thank you. Yes the cushion is one of my oldies, still love it but it’s looks get somewhat wear and tear. Is that the correct expression?

  8. Very cute; I would like to have a picnic on your rug (or perhaps take a quick nap). Good job.

  9. It’s a beautiful rag, but it would like great on the sofa too. Happy picknick!

  10. It’s a beautiful rug – it looks lovely in front of your couch. 🙂

  11. I think it looks lovely. The center colours really pop against the taupe borders!

  12. Ik wil wel komen picknicken op je mooie vloerkleed. Ik pas er net op. 🙂 Ik zie het nog niet gauw gebeuren dat we het in de buitenlucht kunnnen doen. Hier is het ook grauw, grijs en regenachtig. Ik ben het goed beu. We snakken allemaal naar wat zon geloof ik.
    Je vloerkleed is geweldig.
    Een heel gezellig weekend met hopelijk wat zon.

    • Hoi Jeannette,
      Jij ook een fijn weekend. Ik weet niet of je dit leest, maar ik zal aan je denken zondag, dan wordt het hier 20 graden, daar kijk ik erg naar uit:)
      Dank voor je lieve bericht. Groetjes.

  13. stunning and gorgeous. xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  14. a pic nic on the floor!!!! My mum used to do the same with me and my sisters!!! ;oD
    your rug is nice indeed!!!!
    xxx Ale