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hello welcome to my first blog post of this year. i actually wanted to take a somewhat longer break from blogging, but i could not resist showing you a few photos. firstly i like to ask how you’re doing? were the first days of the new year comfortable and enjoyable?


i have not made any resolutions, because i think every day is a new day. here in the netherlands the temperature of the weather is like it is spring but it is actually winter. i have read that it is very cold in certain places in the world with lots of snow and wind. i prefer the temperatures of spring, but for that matter we have nothing to choose…


below you can see some pictures of projects and plants, i hope you like them?! but i will start with a little update.

do you remember the storage bag with the fishes? the bag i made for the granddaughter of my cousin renée but i did not have much time to sew a lining. that is why renée sewed the lining herself and this is the result.

looks cheerful, don’t you think?

you can find the tutorial for the storage bag via this link



a while back, i bought three hyacinths and put them in a green pot, the blue one is open a bit.

blue hyancinth in green pot

and i have two hyacinths that – the label tells – should flourish red, which i placed in two old large water glasses. i have a cover made for both​​ in the same style as the dressed up vases.


hanging baskets

the plant cuttings have grown a tiny bit, they hang in a small basket on the wall. the other hanging baskets hang in a bunch on the wall too.



none of the other projects (wips) i have finished, but i started a new blanket. the yarn is phildar charly in the color lin – a dark beige/jute shade – and the blocks are a variation on a vintage round coaster. i have crocheted the first four rows of the pattern and have then made a square of it. it won’t be a large blanket, because i don’t have enough yarn to make a large one and my plan is to make the border in a contrasting color.

for more info about and the link to the vintage pattern of the christmas coaster see here and just scroll down a little 

this was it for today, until next time!



14 thoughts on “greens with some beige

  1. Hoi,

    Ik heb gisteren je blog gevonden en ik vind het geweldig!



  2. J’adore le parfum des jacinthes. Merci pour les belles photos qui donnent le goût du printemps. 🙂

  3. Hi Andrée,
    Wat een mooie foto’s om het nieuwe jaar mee te beginnen!
    Prachtig, die hyacinten.
    Je deken van vierkantjes gebaseerd op je Christmas coaster vind ik ook heel mooi.
    Ik vind de vierkantjes zelf leuker dan de coaster, simpel maar intrigerend: het lijkt net of ze bewegen…
    En mooi garen, dat Phildar Charly in dark beige/jute shade.

    Ik hoop dat ik komende week in de gelegenheid ben om weer eens foto’s te maken en te bloggen.

    Groetjes, Estella

  4. Happy New Year! Good to have you and your gorgeous projects back!

  5. so nice you are back!!!!!!!!
    happy 2014, xxxxx Ale

  6. just wondering…I love the idea of the water hyacinths…what did you put in the jar with them? I have lots of jars and a stash of second hand yarn I would love to use on this 🙂

    • Hello Lorna,

      Thanks for the question.

      My hyancinths I bought at the supermarket, I have removed the plastic pots and placed the bulbs into the glasses. Occasionally I give them some water.

      It is not necessarily required to use soil or other material,
      there is also special glassware for hyactinths.

      Thanks again!

  7. My first few days of new year were very lazy and comfortable!

    I love that lining, it is so vibrant! I love how you have great crochet items for a variety of purposes!

  8. Wat een super vrolijke tas! Om blij van te worden:) groeten F.

  9. So much loveliness!! Thanks for sharing and inspiring 🙂

  10. The bag looks very cheerful and lovely!! Happy new year, Elisabeth!!:)

  11. I love how you incorporate your beautiful work in everyday things–like vases, etc.