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weekend wishes


it’s friday and i’d like to wish you a very good weekend. 

just for joy a photo of a beautiful little flower of a blooming succulent on my garden table.

it’s shape and colors are perfect, don’t you think? if you like it, scroll down this page to see more pictures.

pink flower succulent

pink flower succulent


jar cover

and below are a some pictures of a birthday present for one of my brothers, a simple jar cover i made and hopefully my brother won’t think it is too feminine.

the colored things you see in the jar are balloons.



this was my babble about crocheting for this week.

enjoy your weekend and i would love to see you soon again!


white flowers


today i would like to share some pictures with you. my mother gave me a huge bunch of white flowers, autumn leaves and green branches for my birthday (the fourth). it are callas, gerberas, roses and flowers whose name i can not remember. 


the roses have a sepia undertone and that shade they really have, it is not my editing skills:)

anyway, enjoy and have a very good week! 🙂

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dahlias for the weekend

unlike the athletes at the olympics i have no energy, i feel like a squeezed sponge. but fortunately i can crochet and that keeps me going. 

yesterday i went for a – slow – walk as i passed a flower shop. i have treated myself to a whole big bunch of dahlias in different colors. on the way home there were several women who wanted to see the dahlias – that never happens when i walk down the street with a bunch of tulips:)  – and so more people could enjoy these beautiful flowers.


it was such a big bunch two vases were needed.


i almost could not stop making pictures, here is a selection and hopefully you like it!

have a lovely weekend!



easter break

a few days i have been writing about crocheting rounds, the pouf and floor cushion, in response to questions that you asked about. honestly, at this time i can’t concentrate on it very well due to sad family affairs. therefore i take a break, but i hope to pick it up next week.

i wish you a pleasant easter time and i hope to see you again soon!

daffodils from my garden

the narcissus poeticus, she smells deliciously, like a little perfume bottle


and the narcissus replete, which also smells quite nice.



yellow monday



here in the netherlands it is bright spring weather and i hope the weather is nice to you, too.

this lovely white crocus stands with it’s “brothers and sisters” in my living room. the orange looks like neon orange, pretty don’t you think?



and this daffodil blossoms in my garden, could hardly be more beautiful.


in terms of crocheting, the first half of my pouf is ready, but working with the black yarn has done my right thumb no good. that yarn is as stiff as rope. giving my hands a break would be a good idea but a day without crocheting is not a very good day to me. 

so i started the same working method of the pouf with a much thinner cotton yarn and an oversized hook. it goes well, just the joining you see a little clearer.


i also started a little bag for summer for myself, but if it works out …?

another time i’ll tell you more about it.



i wish you a beautiful new week!